L'Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada

Penticton Sub Group

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

November 2, 2017 (Thursday)

Penticton Lakeside Resort


Attendance: 40 members

Executive in attendance:

President: Greg Cooper

Vice- President : Simone Zobatar

Treasurer: Stefan Dobernigg

Secretary: Moira Dolan

Member at large: Jose Jimenez

Member at large (acting): Crystal Berry

Guest: Phil Choo – BC/ Yukon – AFS Regional Representative
Harry Walker

1. Meeting called to order at 4:56 pm / Quorum Obtained

Greg introduced the executive.

2. Agenda Approval – Philip Mantler / Denise Gauthier

3. 2015 Minutes Approved – Richard Barkwill / Jose Jimenez

4. President’s Report

Greg presented his report in writing, copy attached.

5. Treasurer’s Report – Stefan Dobernigg

Copies of Financial Statements provided, Stefan explained entries

George Ward / Rick Sander approved 2017 financial report and 2018 budget.

6. Election of Officers

3 positions up for election, election ran by Phil Choo

- By acclamation

President – Greg Cooper

Treasurer – Stefan Dobernigg

There was 2 names put forward for Member at large– Crystal Berry and Philip Mantler.

Crystal was successful and is now the Member at large.

A Motion was put forward by Greg Cooper to destroy the ballots at the end of the meeting and this was seconded by Moira Dolan.

7. Guest Speaker – Simone Zobatar – Vice President.

Simone thanked the members for coming out to the AGM, in the previous year we had 24 members attend, this year it was 40. She also thanked Dan Ricard for becoming a steward this year, and also Yifeng Kok for expressing his interest. She talked about the growth of our sub group and welcomed the new members. Simone also talked about the engagement sessions she has attended over the year. She also thanked Phil and Harry for their hard work and their success in bargaining for us.

8. Guest Speaker – Phil Choo, AFS – B.C./Yukon Rep

Phil thanked Greg, the executive and the stewards for their hard work. He also recognized Gary Tracy and Harry Walker for their work and commitment to the union over the years. He then spoke on the grievance process, explained the importance of filing grievances, the types of grievances and the different levels. He also discussed some the successes the union has had during the year.

9. New Business

Nothing brought forward

10. Move to adjourn – 5:34 pm

Phillip Mantler/ Penny Seeley