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AFS Penticton Sub Group

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

October 23, 2018 (Tuesday)


Attendance: 30 members

Executive in attendance:

President: Simone Zobatar

Treasurer: Stefan Dobernigg

Secretary: Moira Dolan

Member at large: Jose Jimenez

Member at large: Crystal Berry

Guest: Doug Mason, National AFS President

Guest: Phil Choo – BC/Yukon – AFS Regional Representative


  1. Call to order/Introductions – called to order at 5:25/ Quorum Obtained

Simone introduced the executive

  1. Approval of agenda — Judy Chipney / Crystal Berry

  2. Adoption of previous minutes (2017)

Philip Mantler pointed out that there was an error in the minutes, his name was misspelt. Correction noted. Motion to accept amended minutes – Yifeng Kok/ Ali Burton

  1. President’s report – Simone Zobatar

Simone presented her report, copy attached.

  1. Annual financial report – Stefan Dobernigg

Copies of Financial Statements provided, Stefan explained entries.

Gerald Watson/ Philip Mantler motioned to approve 2018 Financial Statements and 2019 budget.

  1. Election of officers

4 positions up for election, election ran by Phil Choo

By acclamation

President – Simone Zobatar

Vice – President – Moira Dolan

Secretary – Crystal Berry

There were 2 names put forward for Member at large – Jose Jimenez and Philip Mantler

Philip Mantler withdrew his name, therefore Jose Jimenez continues as a Member at Large.

  1. Guest Speaker –  Doug Mason, National AFS President and bargaining team president

Phil Choo, AFS - B.C./Yukon Regional Representative and bargaining team member

Phil mentioned that he thought the lunch and learn that the executive presented was very well done and that he has shared it with other offices. Phil also discussed discipline as a result of unauthorized accesses, members need to remember that they should only have access to current workload.

Doug Mason presented a power point on bargaining. He stated that the demands from both sides could be found on line.

  1. Other Business

Philip Mantler wanted to know if there was a vacant Member at large position. No there is not at this time, the new executive is not in effect until the end of the AGM.

Question was asked about sick leave, and Doug discussed the Employee Wellness and Support Program. More information can be found on the website.

  1. Adjournment – 7:30 – Matt Taylor