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Gander SP Subgroup Executive Meeting
Meeting Minutes

Date: 21 December 2017

Location: Lilly’s Landing Family Restaurant

In attendance:
Dan Jubainville, President
Employer: EC

Devon Telford, Vice-President/Secretary
Employer: EC

Brent Tompkins, Treasurer
Employer: EC

1.0 Opening

1.1 Meeting called to order by President Dan Jubainville at 12:20 hrs.
1.2 Agenda approved.

2.0 Review of previous minutes – Nov 23 2017

Devon will correct a few typos and submit the last exec minutes to PIPSC so they can be posted online.

3.0 Review of previous action items(s)

No outstanding items

4.0 Financial Update

We are in good financial standing.

5.0 Gander sub-group AGM

Scheduled for Jan 29th 2018 at the Airport Boardroom.

ACTION #1: Dan will send out a call for nominations for the VP/Secretary
ACTION #2: Dan will reserve the airport boardroom
ACTION #3: Devon will order the Chinese food.
ACTION #4: Dan or Brent will take care of the refreshments.

6.0 Social Events

We brain stormed another possible event; perhaps more adult orientated but will try and finalize the plans after the AGM.

7.0 Other Business


8.0 Next Meeting


Meeting adjourned at 1:22hrs.

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Devon Telford
Gander SP Sub-group