L'Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada

Hamilton/Burlington NR Sub-Group Executive Meeting # 2018-1

Minutes Friday January 31, 2018 @ 12.00 pm

Location: Kwality Indian Restaurant, Burlington ON

  1. Welcome and Attendance
    1. Frank Seglenieks, Ryan Breivik and Shirley Anne Smyth, Sandra Kok.
  1. Approval of Agenda
    1. Moved by Frank that the agenda be accepted as presented.  Seconded by Ryan.
  1. Review and Approval of the Minutes of the September 22, 2017 executive meeting
    1. Shirley Anne moved to approve the minutes. Frank seconded.
  1. Business Arising from the Minutes – covered below
    1. Review of AGM draft minutes was deferred to next Exec meeting. 
  1. Financial Report
    1. Financial report was presented by Frank Seglenieks for the period to Dec 29, 2017.   Frank confirmed that we got our annual allowance  for this year. Moved by Frank that the financial report be accepted as presented.  Seconded by Shirley Anne.
  1. New Business
    1. Executive positions for 2018 – Frank and Shirley Anne were acclaimed as Treasurer and President, respectively, at the Nov 23 AGM. The following are the executive positions that were decided upon: Shirley Anne Smyth – President, Ryan Breivik – Vice-president, Sandra Kok – Secretary, Frank Seglenieks – Treasurer.
    2. Retroactive payments update – Talk to Aaron Thomson or Asif Mohammed if you want to file a grievance on issues with Phoenix and payments.
    3. Lunch and learn for new collective agreement – Geoff Kendall, member- of the National Executive to do a cross Canada tour.  Action: Waiting for a date suitable when Geoff may be available for a lunch and learn.
    4. Branch AGM Feb 22, Innisville – remember to give Aaron Thompson  a $20 deposit
    5.  President’s meeting and AGM is on June 8 and 9.  Action:  All to check their calendars and report back on their interest in attending.          
  1. Next meeting dates
    1. TBD.
  1. Adjournment
    1. Moved by Ryan, seconded by Sandra, adjournment at 1:00 pm