L'Institut professionnel de la fonction publique du Canada

PIPSC: JCC/WFCC executive meeting
OCT 11th, 2017 @ 6pm - JCC Cancer Center (699 Concession St, Hamilton)


1)    Roll Call:

2)    Approval of Agenda

3)    April 15th executive meeting minutes

4)    President’s Message (Carrie)

5)    Treasurers report (Jazz)

6)    Compression stockings (Alexis)

7)    Casuals at WFCC (Alexis)

8)    Elimination of JCC position (Alexis)

9)    MRT week 2017 (Ben)

10)    Health and Safety (Vas)

11)     On-call solely for True-Beam trained therapists (Derek)

12)     Casual radiation therapists seniority (Derek)

13)     Dues fairness for part-time and casual radiation therapists (Derek)

14)     Expressions of interest for committee positions and representatives (Derek)

15)     Adjournment

1)    Roll Call: Carrie, Vas, Jazz, Alexis, Derek, Ben \ absentee: Sandra

2)    Approval of Agenda: Carrie/Jazz

3)    April 15th executive meeting minutes: Carrie/Jazz (with corrections)

4)    President’s Message (Carrie)

a.    Quarterly advisory council

i.    Attended with other Cancer Centers associated with PIPSC

ii.    Discussed common issues across each cancer center and the need to work together with bargaining issues, sharing information

b.    Steward Council

i.    Attended by Carrie and Vas

ii.    OPSEU was present

1.    “We own it” campaign

a.    Against privatization of public organizations

b.    Wants to inform the public of costs for privatization

iii.    Provincial election happening soon

1.    PIPSC should stand up for healthcare units with current government

c.    Fiscal Advisory Council

i.    2016-2017: there were 17 layoffs in JCC; total of 70 in HHS

1.    Represents about a 2% reduction to the budget

ii.    2017-2018 : need to cut XX dollars from budget

1.    HHS looking for broader efficiencies from JCC

a.    If JCC asked to reduce staff then the following could happen:

i.    Casuals will no longer get hours

ii.    Extra shifts will be cut

iii.    No overtime will be allowed

iv.    Layoffs of part timers

v.    Layoffs of full timers

2.    GAP funding from province did not cover the funding deficit

iii.    Sustainability Task Force:

1.    Looking for cost containment measures through the system:

a.    Compression stocking

b.    Standardization of office supplies + medical equipment

c.    Looking to see if patients should pay for their medications while admitted at the hospital

d.    Possible clinic restructuring

e.    Increase use of our pharmacy

f.    Position controls:  new positions will have 3 layers of approvals before being posted

d.    Grievances:

i.    If sick leave is greater than 30 days then you stop accruing seniority (except if leave involves WSIB or maternity/parental leave).

1.    This may affect vacation entitlement for some individuals.

5)    Treasurers report (Jazz):

a.    April exec meeting was reimbursed

b.    2016 AGM reimbursed

c.    Filing for next year’s funding done at the end of November.

d.    Approval of budget: Derek/Carrie

6)    Compression stockings (Alexis)

a.    WFCC concerned about new compression stocking process since there is no location at WFCC to get stockings

i.    New policy is trying to cut down other groups from exploiting their stockings coverage.

ii.    Working on having a mobile compression stocking unit to visit WFCC.

iii.    Family members who want stocking will still need to have prescription for compression stocking and then come to center.

7)    Casuals at WFCC (Alexis)

a.    Short staffing at WFCC recently and casuals brought in with limited notice

b.    Equal opportunity used for casual assignments

c.    Not all casuals are able to work at both JCC and WFCC: ie. Kyle, Trudi, Lucas, and Emily has never had rotations at WFCC

8)    Elimination of JCC position (Alexis)

a.    PIPSC will be grieving elimination of JCC position by HR without notice

b.    Individual returning to JCC after WFCC assignment, will displace an individual to WFCC

9)    MRT week 2017 (Ben)

a.    Who to organize PIPSC’s support for 2017 MRT week

i.    Budget: about $XX/head at both sites

1.    JCC: Carrie+Jazz + Vas

2.    WFCC: Cara

10)     Health and Safety (Vas)

a.    8 musculo-skeletal injuries at JCC related to large/heavy patients

i.    Need to address this issue with current bariatric population

ii.    Current solution is to use the large patient lift for patient setup

1.    Need solution to be built into the treatment rooms

iii.    Looking at flagging these cases at CT

iv.    When members suffer an injury, they need to notify Vas by the end of the day.  They need to file it immediately to prove it’s a work-related injury.

11)     On-call solely for True-Beam trained therapists (Derek)

a.    With the 20E going down, all 18MV on call patients will need to be treated on a TrueBeam machine.

i.    On-call volunteers must ensure they get training to go on new machines (i.e. Shadowing/rotations)

ii.    Send request to Tammy if you need training for new machines prior to your on-call shifts.

12)     Casual radiation therapists’ seniority (Derek)

a.    If a job posting goes up who gets the position? Does it go by hours worked or hire date, etc?

i.    Advising management to clearly identify qualifications for the jobs they are posting.

ii.    Casuals don’t have seniority

13)     Dues fairness for part-time and casual radiation therapists (Derek)

a.    Item will be presented at 2017 PIPSC AGM to reduce union dues for part-timers and casuals (Carrie)

14)     Expressions of interest for committee positions and representatives (Derek)

a.    Need expiry dates for positions

b.    Better transparency for selection of individuals for positions

c.    If individual is volunteering for a position and require time to work on a project they need to:

i.    Talk to their unit or partner regarding time off the machine

ii.    Request for coverage from supervisor

15)     Adjournment: Ben/Jazz