PIPSC Science Advisory Committee

Meeting No. 5

Salon 2, Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel, Montreal, QC H3B 2L7 and by Zoom

17 November 2022


Attendees: Waheed Khan (Chair), Kimberley Keats, Joanne Papineau, Georgine Pastershank

Sung Joon Kim, Joseph Paquette, Simon Zhou, David Tang (virtual), Babak Shalchi (virtual)

Julie Poon (virtual, staff support). 


Regrets: Nadia Leon-Alexis, Jacqueline Montalibet, Mike Pauley.


  1. Welcome and Roll call
  • Round table and presentation of everyone participating in person and virtually.


  1. Review and Approval of the Draft Agenda
  • The agenda is approved by all.


  1. Review and Approval of the Minutes of the last Meeting and actions items
  • SI Training
    • Julie reported that there is no data collected on Engineers participating in SI training.
    • Julie and Joanna Simpson are meeting at the end of November to discuss next steps for SI training.
    • Feedback provided by SAC members and other SI Training Participants should be incorporated in the next round of SI training, and the dates should be set in consultation with SAC.
    • Relevant demographic information should be collected for the next round of training, including classification, Groups, Employer, Region etc.
  • This is the first time that PIPSC has more than 10% of RAND members - we should increase engagement with members using all possible opportunities and tools.
  • Participants shared their experience of PIPSC staff sending out text messages. Text message isn’t a great way to contact members as they usually think it’s spam.
  • Waheed introduced a new online whiteboard system for ideas to be shared. Meeting participants tried and it is working fine. After ensuring that it works properly, it will share shahid with science members as an important tool for engagement.


  1. Review of the SAC Strategic Action Plan EN and FR
  • WiS Op Ed training sessions - Participants have been chosen for EN and FR training sessions and been contacted.
    • If the training is successful, Waheed suggests offering similar training to other members.
  • Waheed updated everyone on the shirt ordered and the logo being designed for SI. The shirts will arrive after the AGM and thus will be sent to the executive at their home addresses. Pop-up banners for Public Science for Public Good and Respect prepared for the AGM were displayed. Everyone liked both banners and agreed to display them at the science kiosk.


  1. Promoting Public Science for Public Good
  • Discussed organizing and engaging delegates at the AGM SI kiosk, including scheduling
  • The need for encouraging members to share videos, pictures and stories for the campaign was discussed. It was agreed that next year, a campaign can be launched to collect pictures and short clips from science members at work, and use them to raise the profile of our science members, serving Canadians.



  1. Date for the 6th (final 2022) Meeting of SAC (virtual)
  • December 16, 2022 will be the final meeting of the year and held virtually as scheduling in-person in December is often difficult.


Actions Items


  1. Julie to have a meeting with Joanna Simpson and provide her with SAC feedback on the Fall 2022 SI training and brief the committee.
  2. Email be drafted and sent out next year to encourage members to share pictures and stories in order to create profile of our science members.