SAC Meeting Minutes

March 30, 2021
10AM - 4PM (Ottawa Time)



Michael Pauley- NB-EN- Member
Violina Lozeva-Thomas - SP - Member
Pierre Morin - NB-EN - Member
Guillermo Castilla - RE - Member
Kevin Jacobs - SP - Friend
Simon Zhou - SP - Friend

Norma Domey - VP PIPSC, SP - Chair
Michael Urminsky - PIPSC staff - Member
Yvonne James - PIPSC staff - Guest speaker
Eleanor McGrath - PIPSC staff - Guest speaker
Marielle Nadon - PIPSC staff - Staff resource


Katie Beach- SP - Member
Deborah Dannoff - Friend
Sonia Roussel - SP - Friend
Yuri Kim - RES- Friend
Paolete Soto - CFIA-VM - Friend


  1. Call to Order (Chair, Norma)


  1. Approval of the Agenda (All)

Norma asks everyone if they need to add or remove something from the agenda.

Norma approves the agenda.


  1. Approval of Minutes of previous Meeting (All)

Minutes of Dec 1 2020 - For Approval 

Previous meeting minutes approved by all.


  1. Business arising from previous meeting (Michael)
    1. Michael to give access to SI share drive to everyone
    2. Guillermo to share E4D report on BC Government Science 
    3. Deborah to send the training she received to Norma and Michael.
    4. Norma to send names of people to Michael that followed up regarding their story submitted.
    5. Emily to send a written report to Norma.
    6. Everyone to think on how we could get the Learning Lab going in Covid pandemic.
      Violina gave an update on Learning Lab in the fall.
    7. Norma to suggest to the Board a SAC subcommittee.
      Norma won’t share this with the Board. As a committee they can form a subcommittee if needed.
    8. Violina to share what she is working on for mental health to everyone.
    9. Violina to share her notes and slides from CSPC participation to everyone.
    10. Everyone to think about ideas of SAC promotional items for the next meeting.


  1. Science Issues Brought to SAC
    1. UN Commission on Status of Women (Chair, Norma)
      Norma gives an update on the conference she participated in.
      The pandemic slowed the some of the progress made and the violence against women had increased.
      Norma will write a report and share with SAC members.
    2. Employment Equity Reporting for STEM Professionals (Chair, Norma)
      1. Briefing Note
      2. Proposed Letter

Everyone reviews the letter to be sent to the Chief Science Advisor.

Michael suggests that we reconsider use of STEM, if writing to CSA STEM would be appropriate if we are writing to TBS all occupational groups would be appropriate. 

  1. CSPC Participation & Panel Submission 2021 (Chair, Norma)
    Violina mentioned that those types of conferences are not well known and should be better publicized.
  2. Return to the Field (Chair, Norma)
    Norma was approached by a member who didn’t receive any information regarding the returning to work and asked for PIPSC opinion.
    Violina shares her concern regarding new types of cubicle (pods) who are often not appropriate for science work.
  3. Documentary (Kevin Jacobs)
    Violina said that it would be a good documentary to bring to WiS club.
    Michael suggests screening to get people involved.
  4. COVID 19 Discussion Check-in (Chair, Norma)
    Norma encourages SAC members to talk about what happens in their regions and work.
    Mike shares that in Fredericton they are still working in the workplace (no 2.0 office). He didn’t hear of one Covid case in his building.
    Krista shared that Ontario is mostly working from home (agriculture). Field work is reduced but still going on.
    Violina doesn’t plan to return to work as her work is easily done remotely.
    Simon hasn’t heard any issue of Covid in his Lab. There is a maximum capacity in the Lab.
    Kevin (Fisheries and Oceans) has measure in place including a questionnaire that you need to fill to enter the building and a “shift request” to reflect 20% capacity.



  1. Science Strategic Plan Update
    1. Women in Science (Yvonne - 1 pm)
      1. Micro Project and Lab Updates 
      2. WIS ToolKit Launched
        The toolkit was launched on March 8th, 2021.
        Virtual learning lab expected in October 2021.
        The drafting of the educational component will start April 2021.
        Selection for the next learning lab will be in May 2021.
    2. Scientific Integrity Update (Eleanor - 1 pm)
      Agreement with Treasury Board on: discussing with RCMP their lack on SIP and working on communication regarding the application of the SIP.
    3. Science Member Stories Update (Michael)
      Michael interviewed 2 members.
      Taliana from the National Research Council works in the energy process of microprocessors. She also does research on protein in Covid to design drugs that cut off this protein.No results yet.
      Denis is a pharmacist - Control substance program. Helped with quarantine in the airport. He only has 2 day off in January.
      Michael suggests to publicize major projects through Canada that our members participated in (ex: Winnipeg Lab).
      Both members have a regular work story and a covid story.


  1. Other Updates
    1. PIPSC PreBudget Submissions 2021 (Michael)
      3 priorities: equitable and sustainable national recovery plan, investe in public service and protect workers as the country reopens.
      To be presented in April 2021
    2. Roundtable (All)
      Violina shared that PIPSC isn’t much known in her building - we should remind people what people do.
      Guillermo, Krista and Violina mentioned  that telework is very little discussed in the collective agreement. To be brought in the next bargaining?
      Michael explained how the bargaining process works.


NEW - Action Items


  1. Marielle to get the previous meeting minutes translated and posted on the website.
  2. Previous meeting action items: Emily to send a written report to Norma - need a follow up.
  3. Violina to share with SAC members the email received regarding the Learning Lab.
  4. All to discuss at the next meeting if a SAC subcommittee would be needed.
  5. Norma to write a report on the UN Commission on Status of Women and share with SAC members.
  6. Michael to change the employment equity proposed letter to reflect all the groups and not just the STEM.
  7. Norma to write a communique to be sent out to science members to increase awareness for conferences.
  8. Violina to update SAC members regarding the cubicle (pods) to see if we need to send another support letter.
  9. Eleanor and/or Michael to provide which department needs revision on breach guidelines to Norma.
  10. Simon to share the breach document with SAC members.
  11. Eleanor to send Si Focal Point meeting minutes to Norma.
  12. Marielle to share with Pierre the recording of the March meeting minutes
  13. Norma to share the SAC Google Drive with Michael - Done at the end of meeting
  14. Simon to reach SP Exec. to see if they can entertain a promotional process.