PIPSC Science Advisory Committee

First SAC 2023 Meeting (Virtual, by Zoom)

Friday, March 3, 2023


Present: Waheed Khan, Kimberley Keats, Georgine Pastershank, Joanne Papineau, Kevin Jacobs, David Tang, Julie Poon, Daniel Ingram, Nadia Leon-Alexis, Sushi Dixit


Regrets: Tina MacDonald, Katie Beach, Xiolan Wang, Ali Nasseri


Minutes taken by Marielle Nadon, Admin. of Policy & Communications.


  1. Welcome and Roll call (Waheed)


  1. Indigenous Land Acknowledgement and PIPSC Code of Respect (Waheed)


Waheed presents the rules of engagement and explains the importance of them.

Rules of Engagement:

  • We agree to take our turn to speak and not to interrupt when others are speaking
  • We agree to focus on the issue, not the person
  • We agree to not blame, attack, or engage in put-downs
  • We agree to listen respectfully and sincerely to understand the issues at hand.
  • We will endeavor to learn the point of view of the person who is speaking.
  • We recognize that, even if we do not agree with it, each of us bring a valuable perspective.
  • We will not dwell on things that did not work in the past, but instead will focus on the future we would like to create.
  • We agree to stay away from focusing on our personal needs and instead give priority to what is best for the Institute and its members.
  • We agree not to abuse the rules of Procedure or employ dilatory tactics during the proceedings.



  1. Review and Approval of the Draft Agenda (All)


Agenda is adopted by consensus.


  • Introductions & Orientation to SAC

Round table and presentation of each member/friend and their field of work.
Waheed gives a presentation on Public Science for Public Good and encourages other members to present it during their meetings.

Over 30% of PIPSC members are scientists – including 24% scientists, 6.5% engineers.
Waheed suggests encouraging all scientists to share their pictures and stories with us.
Joanne flags that many scientists don’t really identify as scientists and it may be something we want to work on.


  • One of the 10 PIPSC Standing Committees of the Board of Directors
  • Advising and Making Recommendations to the Board on Science Issues
  • Monitoring issues in the field of science
  • Help coordinate the Institute’s outreach to members and public on science   issues  
  • Providing an ongoing forum to discuss and study science issues
  • Promoting the participation of women and other marginalized groups



5. Health Break (30 minutes)


6. Update from the Board (Waheed)


The Board has about 12 meetings per year. Waheed is tasked to report to the board the relevant activities of the SAC.
Last year, Waheed proposed to extend the term of Members of the Committees to 3 years instead of 1. The SAC needs to bring this to the AGM as a motion.
Science Symposium proposition to be presented to the Board before the fall.



7. Review of the SAC Strategic Action Plan EN and FR 

  • Promoting Public Science for Public Good



  • To promote Public Science for Public Good.
  • To advance scientific integrity (SI) within the federal public service and promote to Separate Employers.
  • To address chronic career stagnation, pay gaps and employment equity gaps so that all PIPSC scientists and researchers receive equal pay for equal value of work, and have adequate opportunities for career advancement, commensurate with their qualifications and experience. 
  • To advocate for increased and sustained federal intramural science funding and science-informed decision making, aligned with public interest.



  • Continue internal and external monitoring activities and support for members on SI
  • Strengthen members’ understanding of SI, their rights, and mechanisms available to address SI issues
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with external partners with shared interests, to promote public science for public good.
  • Support the career development of PIPSC women in science (WiS)
  • Support career development of scientists, especially for equity-deserving groups, and members without a career path and/or stagnating at the top of their pay scales.
  • Enhance government decision-makers’ understanding and support of the need for increased science capacity and funding.



  • Provide training to PIPSC Consultation Teams and stewards and increase awareness about Scientific Integrity Policy (SIP).
  • Continue organizing SI Focal Points group meetings and participate in Interdepartmental Working Group (IDWG) on SI meetings.
  • Support members on SI-related grievances and discipline; SI breaches; and SI departmental policy/guidelines development.
  • Develop, launch, and analyze a fourth iteration of PIPSC’s Science Member Survey.
  • Identify science organizations and explore possible collaborations.
  • Identify WiS ally groups and explore possible collaboration.
  • Host events and Learning Lab(s) specifically geared towards member-identified needs for WiS and create networking opportunities.
  • Research career stagnation, and barriers for PIPSC scientists and researchers, to build a case based on evidence.
  • Create a fact sheet on the current status of employment equity gap(s) for WiS, Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, and persons with disabilities.
  • Develop and execute advocacy and lobbying for increased federal science funding for Public Science for Public Good.
  • Research and publicize issues of science capacity such as sustained intramural funding per capita, funding growth proportional to public service growth, etc.


  • Scientific Integrity Policies

A new survey is to go out next year. Minimal changes have been made to collect the changes in the answers throughout time and monitor trends. 

  • Women in Science


8. Next meeting date : April 24, 2024


Action Items:

  1. Waheed to write a proposition for Science Symposium to be proposed to the BoD.
  2. Kimberley to share (if any) contact information for Indigenous Knowledge webinar with the SAC.