June 11 2020 (11-12 pm)

SAC Discussion on Protecting Public Science Jobs 

after the Pandemic



  1. Presentation - Protecting Public Science Post COVID 19
  • Michael  Urminsky made a presentation on protecting public science jobs post COVID 19.  He noted that previous crisis have shown that public services and public science are attacked post crisis as part of an austerity agenda.  
  • In order to minimize the impact of this scenario PIPSC needs to identify opportunities to protect science capacity within the federal government. 
  • He drew attention to aspects of the CSA’s mandate that might be used as opportunities to engage the CSA in protecting science post pandemic. 
  • He made recommendations on next steps. 


  1. Discussion of Ideas
  • The SAC discussed the idea of developing case studies on different members.  Some SAC members volunteered to put Michael in touch with members.  
  • The SAC discussed terms of reference for such case studies, namely the purpose, types of stories.  It was agreed that members role in the COVID response would be interesting, as well as how members science could support economic recovery. 


  1. Action Items
  • Violina was going to approach a member she know working as an engineer for a potential story. 
  • Katie promised to put Michael in touch with a DFO Statistician who shifted during the pandemic to apply his skills to the pandemic. 
  • Deborah would follow up with scientists doing vaccine approvals. 



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