17.3.2 Conduct of Elections The Elections Committee shall be responsible for the conduct of Institute elections for Officers and Directors, other than the AC Director, according to the By-Laws and Regulations of the Institute and shall adopt such administrative procedures as may be necessary to conduct that election. The Elections Committee shall also:

1. scrutinize all candidate biographical sketches for accuracy insofar as is practical, and

2. investigate and rule on the propriety of any election activity undertaken by a candidate or those acting on behalf of the candidate. Notwithstanding By-Law 24, upon finding such activity to be improper or inappropriate, the Committee shall take such corrective action as it deems necessary. Corrective action taken by the Elections Committee may include, but is not limited to:

AGM 2015

(i) declaring the election, or any candidacy in such election to be null and void;

(ii) removal of the right to vote in that election

AGM 2007 (e) The Elections Committee may also act as an elections committee for other elections as requested by:

a)      the constituent body elections committee, or

b)      the constituent body executive. or

c)      the Board of Directors

AGM 2017