September 17th minutes are approved without any changes


Moved and seconded (Fréchette/Purdie) that the BLPC recommends that the BOD enforce the rules regarding allotment for constituent bodies.

Motion carried






3. Matters arising from September 17, 2022


  1. AFS Saskatoon Sub-Group – waiting for N. McCune stays for the next agenda
  2. AFS Regina (doc) – not ratified
  • The word ‘’Regulations’’ should not be written anymore only bylaws
  • Add ‘’s’’ in the title ‘’Constitution and Bylaw)
  • AFS only have 3.1 … not 3.2
  • 5.8 should be ‘’reviewing’’ rather than ‘’auditing’’
  • All references to audit has to be review and regulations has to be policies
  • Bylaw 1 – take away back-slash
  1. WPEG – Stephanie replied to the AA that group needs to resend with the model
  2. SH Group had their AGM on October 15, 2022
  • 4. want to change so it indicates that if a member is retiring he/she can finish their term and retain their right as a regular member
    • Need to clarify that that member could not be a steward and therefore cannot do any consultation.
    • Need to clarify to the board that this clause is for the SH group and cannot supersede the PIPSC Bylaws.
  • All references to audit has to be review and regulations has to be policies
  1. AFS Group
  • Changes approved by the BLPC were returned to the group to incorporate  in the full document – Doug

Action item: transfer AFS to follow up 


  1. CFIA VM Group
  • Remains on agenda


  • Received amended full document
  • Was discussed at a previous meeting
  • New discussion today to make sure the change is well understood
  • 7.2.1 does not contradict 4.4.2
  • 7.3.2 does not contradict 4.4.2
  • Too repetitive -  need to possibly remove some wording for clarity


Action item: To be brought to Board for approval with recommendation that the NRC-RO-RCO Group revisit their bylaws at their AGM in January 2023.


Action item:  To be kept on the agenda to work with the group to clarify their bylaws and work with the BLPC.


  1. Master spreadsheet


  • Every member of the BLPC is to send their changes/additions/deletions to Tony and he will update it.


  1. Purchasing IT Assets Equipment


Members of the BLPC discussed the revised document that was submitted by Mark Muench and it was decided that it will go to the Board.


  1. RE Central Vancouver Island Sub-group


To be on the agenda


  1. Toronto Centre Branch


The branch had their AGM on November 2, 2022 and provided the BLPC with a complete model. It was noted that footnotes need to be removed. 


Action item: Approved by the BLPC going to the board in December.


  1. Policy on Financial Member Participation Section 4 (Travel arrangements) Block of rooms.


Deferred to the next meeting


  1. Policy on Constituent Body Allocation (Section 6-7-8-9) to be copied to the Policy on Consultation


Copied and pasted section 6-7-8-9 (with a few minor corrections) in in the Policy on consultation, paragraph 11-12-13-14


Action Item: To be approved by the Board


  1. Better Together Funding


Better Together and Lunch and Learn document was presented and it was discussed to bring them together. Logistics will need to be looked at and once done, it will be brought to the Board for a decision.

John gave the background of the Better Together Funding and identified these key points:

  • would make it easy for staff;
  • make it an amount per person;
  • would also help the smaller groups;
  • have a cost / monetary cap per constituent body.


It was also discussed to forward to the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors with a recommendation of a cap of 1000$, giving more to the smaller constituent body above the 5$ per person.

25$ per person

Appendix A – The criteria


Action Item: John will provide Natalie a copy of the Briefing note and appendix to bring to the Board in December.


New Business


  1. WFCC – this was discussed at the November 28, 2022 meeting and was sent back to the Group with recommendations. Bylaws were ratified at their December 1, 2022 AGM and brought back to the BLPC. All is in good standing order and can be sent to the Board for approval.


They are a new group and will need to consult with BLPC to get a better understanding of the bylaws.


Action item: To go to the Board for approval with a recommendation to work with them for their budget.


  1. NR Group membership and rands


There is a taskforce that decides if a member moved to another region, but still works in their previous region where they lived pre-covid. Coming to the BLPC for thoughts around this situation.


  1. RE Downsview Sub-group


After reviewing the document, many issues were found. John Purdie will send it back to the subgroup with notes and recommendations to take back to their next AGM  for further discussion and approval.  In the interim, they are governed by the PIPSC Model until they have approved bylaws.


Action Item: John Purdie to go back to the RE Subgroup.


  1. NavCanada 


Michael Simard, President of the NavCanada Group, submitted amendments from their October 2022 AGM.  The point that was identified is that 5 days for results might be a bit short but approved.


Action: To go to the Board for approval.


  1. Toronto North Branch CRA & Toronto North Subgroup CRA


Both documents have been approved by the BLPC and the Board back in 2014-2015 but still have not been posted.


Subgroup: as per the master document

Approved by the Board – March 2017


Subgroup: as per the bylaw document

Approved by the Board - Amendments approved by the BOD

February 21, 2014


Branch: as per the master document 

Approved by the Board: not showing


As per the Bylaw document: Amended model approved by the BOD

December 11, 2015


  1. CP Ville de Québec


Deferred to the next meeting


  1. RE Bylaw


The RE Group ratified the changes to their bylaws at their AGM in September 2022.  BLPC reviews the 4 areas that have been modified and was approved.


Action item: To go to the Board for approval.


h) & i) already done in matters arising


j) Suffield Branch Bylaws


Reviewed and no changes from BLPC.


Action item: To be approved by the Board.


k) SH Chapitre SCC Montreal /Rive-Nord


Upon review of the document submitted, it was noted that it has not been ratified by the members at their last AGM.  Therefore, BLPC will work with them to get their bylaws in order and to bring them forward to their next AGM to be ratified. Once ratified, the document will be brought back to the BLPC for approval.


Action item: Stéphanie to share the emails with Luc Denis for discussion.




Stéphanie Fréchette, Chair  to confirm with Alain if the RE Subroup Central Vancouver is still active. 


Meeting adjourned.