Who is the BLPC?

PIPSC By-law 17.2 provides members for the BLPC as follows:

Institute By-Law 17.2.1 - Composition

There shall be a Committee of the Board to be known as the By-Laws and Policies Committee consisting of five (5) to seven (7) members, one (1) of whom shall be a member of the Board.

What does the BLPC do generally?

PIPSC By-Law 17.2.2 provides for the BLPC mandate as follows:

Institute By-Law 17.2.2 – BLPC Mandate

The By-Laws and Policies Committee shall be responsible for:

(a) providing advice on the interpretation of the Institute By-Laws and Regulations and the Constitutions of constituent bodies;

(b) scrutinizing proposed amendments to the Institute By-Laws and Regulations to ensure consistency with current By-Laws and Regulations;

(c) scrutinizing Constitutions of constituent bodies and proposed amendments thereto to ensure consistency with the Institute By-Laws and Regulations. Such Constitutions and any amendments thereto shall take effect upon approval by the Board and ratification by the constituent body concerned; and

(d) drafting new policies and amendments to existing policies as required and submitting them to the Board for approval and reviewing all policies, from time to time, to ensure their relevance, clarity and application.

The primary purpose of the BLPC is to ensure that the constitutions and bylaws of the constituent bodies are consistent with the PIPSC Constitution and Bylaws.