12 December 2018
Our latest collective agreement includes establishing a remote nursing sub-committee. The purpose of the committee is to inquire into the circumstances that lead to concerns about administrative or operational inequities experienced by nurses in remote stations as compared to nurses working in other locations of the employer.
12 December 2018
In accordance with the NR Group Constitution, By-Law 8 Elections, the Group Elections Committee is sending out a Call for Nominations for the following six (6) positions on the NR Group Executive: 3 in the NCR, 1 in Ontario, 1 in Quebec, and 1 in Prairies
12 December 2018
In crafting its proposal, the Institute recognized the priority the Government has placed on science and research, their inclusion in decision-making, and strengthening the support for fundamental research. We also recognized the priority it has placed on diversity, gender equity, and young Canadians.
11 December 2018
The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) represents some 60,000 public service professionals across the country, the majority of which are employed by the federal government. The Institute appreciates this opportunity to participate in this important public consultation on anti-racism in Canada.
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