MEETING:   Ville-Marie Branch Executive meeting

LOCATION: PIPSC Regional Office

DATE: January 14, 2016




Renaud Guiard, Damien Noël, Miguel Daraîche-Leblanc, Philippe Marazzani

Marc Desjardins

  1. Approval of the Agenda
  1. The agenda was presented to the Executive.
    • Philippe asked that the following action item be added: 1601.1 Notify PIPSC about Sylvain St-Germain’s departure
  2. Philippe, seconded by Damien, moved to approve the agenda.
  1. Action Items

1015.5) All – Contact Stewards to go ahead, then await response – Ongoing.

1015.11) Renaud – Ask Sylvain for the Foufounes électriques invoice.

1015.12) Renaud – Plan the next AGM.

1015.13) All – Add Post-mortem on October 13 Lunch and Learn to the agenda for the next meeting. Completed

1512.1) Renaud – Divide up the names of the members and send them to the Executive so that everyone is involved.

1601.1) NEW  Phil – Inform PIPSC that Sylvain is no longer serving on the Executive.

1601.2) NEW  Renaud – Prepare the AGM invitation. Anne will send the invitation as well as reminders on February 22 and 29.

1601.3) NEW  Renaud – Find the minutes of the first AGM.

1601.4) NEW  Damien – Send us a sample invitation in both languages..

1601.5) NEW  Miguel and Marc – Obtain bids from two hotels and from some good restaurants closer to the Guy-Favreau Complex.

1601.6) NEW  Renaud – Find the election report so that we can see the positions up for election vs. the term of the positions.

  1. Review of Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed. Renaud moved that the minutes be approved. Philippe seconded the motion.

  1. Remarks by the Executive

Remarks by the President

Renaud welcomed the participants and said he wanted to move on to the matters for discussion without delay.

Remarks by the Treasurer

Marc was absent.

  1. Issues Discussed
    1. Preparations for the AGM
      1. We have two hotel choices and no one had a preference. Both hotels will be contacted.
      2. We were invited to the SP Group’s AGM on February 4. Renaud will be attending as Branch President, and Miguel as President of the CS Sub-group. We will do a little advertising for the Branch AGM at the meeting.
      3. We are aiming to have 60 participants so we will need to check the budget.
      4. Philippe suggested that the date be changed from March 2 to March 1. Renaud and Damien supported the idea.
      5. A discussion was held on the possible guests for the AGM.
        1. Miguel suggested inviting some MPs. The idea was not unanimously approved.
        2. Renaud proposed someone from the Institut de recherche et d’informations socio-économiques (IRIS)
        3. Vicky Painchaud was suggested for the Young Professionals Committee and the Committee for the Advancement of French.
        4. Debi Daviau was also named as a potential guest. If she is not available, we would like her to send someone who can speak French.
        5. We decided to have only the committee guests, in addition to Debi. If they turn our offer down, we can look at the FTQ and IRIS.
      6. Election to fill our positions – We will mention in the invitation that there will be an election for Executive member positions. We will need an Election Chair.
  1. Round table
    1. Miguel wanted to address three points:
      1. The week of April 4 is Union Renewal Week. Miguel was thinking of having a Happy Hour, bowling or pool for the young (under 40) members.
      2. We could have an information table at the Guy-Favreau Complex, with or without PSAC, as part of Union Renewal Week.
      3. He was also thinking of having Jeremy Dias do a presentation. Jeremy speaks about human rights, equity, inclusion and bullying. It could be done through the Branch and Better Together. This idea is bigger than a PIPSC-only event.
    2. The other members pass.
  1. Adjournment

Renaud moved that the meeting be adjourned and Philippe seconded the motion.  The meeting was adjourned.