MEETING: Ville-Marie Branch Executive

LOCATION: PIPSC Regional Office

WHEN: October 25, 2017



Renaud Guiard, Philippe Marazzani, Dugué Jean-Louis, Evangelia Costamis, François Pilon (by phone), Marc Desjardins (by phone), Marc Sabourin (by phone), Vicky Painchaud


Baris Demir, Damien Noël

  1. Approval of the Agenda
    1. The agenda was presented to the Executive.
    2. The two following subjects were asked to be added:
      1. Efficient communications with our members
      2. Mobilization around Phoenix
    3. Vicky moves to approve the Agenda.
    4. Seconded by Nicky
    5. Carried unanimously
  1. Review of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of September 7, 2017, were reviewed.

  1. There were no changes requested.
  2. Vicky moved that the minutes be approved.
  3. Seconded by Evangelia.
  4. Carried unanimously
  1. Remarks by the Executive
    1. President’s Remarks
      Renaud welcomed all participants.
    2. Remarks by the Treasurer
      Marc D. informed us that we did not receive our allocation. He added that he found it strange that although all the cheques we issued have been cashed, the bank is paying us more interest.
  1. Action Items

1606.02) Renaud will write to the Stewards a message that will be sent out in September to find out if they would be willing to help us reach out to the members, whenever needed. He will share it with us for feedback. To be followed up. Renaud wanted to delegate this. Dugué took it over. To be followed up.

1706.01) Philippe M. – Send the minutes of the September 20, 2016, meeting to Anne Renaud. To be followed up. Closed

1706.02) Renaud – Send the allocation documents (minutes of 2017 AGM, Election Report, Financial Statement, President’s Report) – Ongoing – Renaud will check to see if the documents have been sent and, if need be, he will ask Mark D. to check whether we have received our allocation. To be followed up.

1706-04) Philippe M. - Check whether we have the signed Treasurer’s Report and let Marc D. know. More to follow.

1706-05) Renaud – Bring the list of Rand members categorized by office to the next meeting. Closed

1706-06) Renaud will create a shared pipscollab file and check with Hugo on how to create pipscollab accounts. The drive has been set up, although not all of the accounts have been created. Renaud must check to see if the request for the accounts has been sent. To be followed up.

1706-07) Renaud will ask Linda Martel for the list of Ville-Marie Branch Stewards. Closed

1707-11) Marc D – Make the signature cards. To be followed up.

1707-12) Vicky – Ask Anne for the updated Executive list and distribution list. To be followed up because it’s badly done.

1709.01) Renaud – Divide the Rand list by Steward. -Completed.

1709.02) Renaud – Ask the Quebec Regional Executive if there are any more training sessions for new employees/members. -To be followed up.

1709-03) Phil M. – Send the minutes of the June 27, 2017, meeting, which was approved today, to Anne Renaud. - Completed.

1709.04) Philippe M. – Prepare the minutes of the meeting of June 27, 2017. Completed.

1709.05) Vicky – Send an email to the Executive listing the speakeasies she knows about, as well as a message to send to members. - Completed.

1709.06) Philippe M. – Doodle for the next meeting. First two weeks of October – noon and 5:30 p.m.

1710.01) New action – Philippe – Write the minutes of the 2017 AGM and submit to PIPSC to receive our allocation.

1710.01) New action – Philippe – Send previous minutes (Sept. 7) to Anne Renaud for translation and posting.

1710.03) New action – Philippe – Inform Anne Renaud of Philippe Poudret’s resignation and ask her to update the Branch executive on PIPSC website.

1710.04) New action – Marc D – Contact Sylvain St-Germain for the whisky-tasting event.

1710.05) New action – Renaud – Send us for approval a letter regarding dissatisfaction with the Institute’s communications.

1710.06) New action - Renaud - Send us the email for us to decide if we will join the PSAC demonstration re Phoenix.

  1. Topics discussed
    1. Happy Hour (hidden bar): Vicky says it was a cool activity but participation was very low. She concluded that maybe the members do not want to talk to us. Evangelia said there was a problem with our communications because the email was received too late. It should have been received at least one week in advance. But according to Dugué, there are others who said yes first then changed their mind at the last minute. Renaud added that we got delayed because of translation, as there was a misunderstanding re text not to be translated. We are not satisfied with the communications service we received. A big thank you to Vicky for organizing it!
    2. Sylvain St-Germain suggests we hold the PIPSC Happy Hour Whisky Tasting event at the end of November or early December. We would like someone to talk about the union and the hot topics, either Stéphane Aubry or Yvon Brodeur. Vicky would like to add the resolutions that were discussed at the AGM. Marc S. said that our members are more interested in knowing if our dues will be increased by the Institute. L’Île Noire wants us to go there on Monday, but if we have 30 participants, we might have an opening. The Executive agrees if Sylvain can make the arrangements. We do not want members to come without notice, we want them to register on a first come, first served basis.
    3. Philippe Poudret resigned from the Executive. Philippe M will contact Anne Renaud to change the list of members on PIPSC website.
    4. Orientation session at Health Canada (CGF) on November 2 from 10 to 12 AM: Renaud counted 17 participants (invoice to be collected). Sandra Guéric attended it and participants seemed very engage They’re willing to go on an illegal strike re Phoenix! But that’s not really what we want. We talked about getting involved in the union, PIPSC 101 and the website. We saw the engagement as Sandra wanted to recruit Stewards.
    5. Effective communication with our members: Renaud said that given the problems with our last event, the Branch should be able to communicate directly with its members. We need a system that works, like NationBuilder or MailChimp, and we would translate our communications ourselves. We often hear about members who have not received emails. Evangelia agrees to do the translation. Vicky would like to raise the issue with the Region and show them our cas Marc D agrees to express our dissatisfaction to the Region with regards to communications. Evangelia said there should be a very close follow-up on the communication steps with our members for the events we want to organize. Vicky wanted to know how much ahead of time we need to send our requests to the Communications Section. Marc D suggested doing both in parallel. Renaud commented that everyone agreed to tell the Region we are not satisfied with the way it communicates with our members. And we go ahead and see what could be an alternative. There is no agreement to move to big system that would cost money. Renaud will write the letter.
    6. Phoenix Mobilization: PSAC members will be out on October 31st. Should we join them? The answer is yes. Renaud will forward the email to us.
  1. Other Business
    1. Dugué asked the timeline to send out the message to the delegates. Renaud said he will have it before the next meeting.
  1. Adjournment
    1. Philippe M. moved that the meeting be adjourned.
    2. He is seconded by Dugué.
    3. The meeting was adjourned.