PIPSC Ville-Marie Branch, Quebec Region


MEETING: Ville-Marie Branch Executive meeting
LOCATION: PIPSC Regional Office
DATE: June 27, 2017


Renaud Guiard, Marc Sabourin, Marc Desjardins, Philippe Marazzani, Baris Demir, Damien Noël, Evangelia Costamis, François Pilon, Vicky Painchaud, Philippe Poudret

Dugué Jean-Louis

1. Approval of the Agenda

a. The agenda was presented to the Executive.
• There were no items to add or changes to be made.

b. Philippe M., seconded by Renaud, moved that the agenda be approved.

c. Carried unanimously.

2. Remarks by the Executive

Remarks by the President

Renaud welcomed the participants and gave the latest news. Negotiations have ended for the most part. We want to promote member engagement without waiting to be back at the bargaining table. We need to find members who are going to respond. Renaud will need everyone’s support because he cannot carry the weight of the Branch on his shoulders.

Remarks by the Treasurer

Marc said that there have been no changes to the budget since the AGM and asked for questions. No questions on the budget or our finances.

3. Review of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

• The minutes of the meeting of September 20, 2016 were reviewed. Renaud moved that the minutes be approved. Evangelia seconded the motion. Carried unanimously.

4. Action Items

1606.01) Renaud will ask Member Services for a list of our members. He will send it to us for feedback. This has been done. However, the Rand members and the location of our members still need to be identified. Ongoing.

1606.02) Renaud will prepare a message to be sent to the Stewards in September to find out if they would be willing to help us reach members when needed. He will forward it to us for feedback. Ongoing.

1606.07) All – Send a cell number to Philippe M. so you can be reached quickly if an Executive meeting is cancelled at the last minute. Ongoing. Baris, Marc S. and Marc D. – Ongoing.

1609.01) New - Philippe M. will provide the minutes of the 2016 AGM to Renaud. Completed.

1609.02) New - Marc will provide the 2016 financial statements to Renaud. Completed.

1609.03) New - Philippe M. will give the 2016 election report to Renaud. Completed.

1609.04) New – Renaud will send the documents to Linda Martel, who will send them to Finance. Completed.

1609.05) New – Vicky will organize a photo contest for the banner. Ongoing. Vicky needs information on why we want a banner. We replied to her. The email was written and sent to Renaud. It needs to be translated. Damien asked if we still want a banner. It was put to a vote and the majority was in favour of it. Damien asked for a vote on whether to use a photo or logo. Logo: 5 votes. Photo: 2 votes. Therefore, the banner will have a logo. It was discussed whether we want a national PIPSC logo, a regional one, or a personal Branch logo. We will use Phil P.’s pictures. Completed.

1609.06) New – Renaud will put the photos for the banner on Google Drive. Completed.

1609.07) New - Phil will send Anne the previous minutes for translation and posting. Completed.

1609.08) New – Marc D. will do a doodle for Find the Key every Wednesday up to November 15. Completed.

1609.09) New – Evangelia will look into the methods of payment for Find the Key. Completed.

1609.10) New – Renaud needs to provide the Bénélux bill to Marc. Completed.

1609.11) New - Renaud will order one kit for the Branch. We will not use the store, which is going to be changing supplier. Completed.

1706.01) New - Philippe M. – Send the minutes of the September 20, 2016 meeting to Anne Renaud.

1706.02) New - Renaud – Send the allocation documents (minutes of 2017 AGM, election report, financial statements, President’s Report).

1706.03) New - Phil M. will prepare the June 27, 2017 minutes.

1706-04) New - Phil M. will check whether we have the signed Treasurer’s Report and let Marc D. know.

1706-05) New - Renaud – Bring the list of Rand members categorized by office to the next meeting.

1706-06) New – Renaud will create a shared pipscollab file and check with Hugo on how to create pipscollab accounts.

1706-7) New – Renaud will ask Linda Martel for the list of Ville-Marie Branch Stewards.

1706-08) New – Vicky and Marc S. – Prepare a survey after the AGM.

1706-09) New - Vicky and Marc S. – Prepare a second survey to get an idea of the types of activities members would enjoy and submit it to the Executive by July 6 (approved July 13). Send it to Communications on July 16 to be sent out to members on July 19.

1706-10) New – Renaud – Find an email invitation for a happy hour. Damien found it and will send it to Philippe M. and Renaud.

1707-11) New - Marc D. - Make the signature cards.

1707-12) New - Phil M. – Ask Anne for the updated Executive list and distribution list.

5. Issues Discussed

a. AGM post-mortem – Attendance was low but we were only charged for the number of meals served. The CS Sub-Group AGM was held at the same location two weeks later. That may have been the reason some CS members did not attend. But there are several hundred members from other Groups in this Branch. Renaud would like to survey members to find out their interests. Marc S. said that it involves speaking to the members in each of the offices in person. Renaud needs to bring us the list of members plus the Rand members. Baris added that it would be a good idea to implement a phone tree and Renaud said that we would have to run the idea by the Stewards. Marc S. and Vicky will take care of the survey.

b. Photo competition - Cancelled. We will go with a copyrighted logo.

c. Summer happy hour – July 27 - Bénélux – Last year’s emails are on the site. Who will send out the invitation? Renaud will find an email that we can reuse. Vicky said she would extend the invitation to the Youth Committee. As President, Renaud is the one who must send the invitation to Anne Renaud.

d. Team-building activities – It was decided that team-building activities were unnecessary but that we should have a happy hour for the Executive.

6. Other Business

a. Marc S. said he would like for us to have a list of the various leaders, e.g. heads of Sub-Groups and Committees. The Branch would become a link and access point for members.

b. Marc S. said that it might mean having a new signature card – Marc D. will take care of it.

c. Renaud said that the list of Executive members will have to be updated after the election through Anne Renaud. The email distribution list will need to be updated as well.

d. Renaud spoke of holding an event at Scotiabank Theatre, which would cost approximately $1,000 plus $10 per member. Vicky felt that it was very expensive. Baris suggested holding it at a university hall, which would be less expensive. He added that it would be better to have family events outside of the city because many of our members live on the outskirts. Renaud has access to some projection equipment for groups of 40 to 50 people. He suggested having tents set up at Angrigon Park for a family barbecue event. Marc D. asked what would be the ideal per-person cost for an activity. Marc D. replied between $25 and $40. Vicky said that the price is not so important if we can get a lot of people out to it. The responses from everyone in the group averaged around $35. If a huge number of members attended an event and there were problems covering the cost, we would approach the Sub-Groups, the Regional Office and the National Office. Baris suggested the Planetarium.

e. Next meeting - around August 7 or 8.

f. Damien spoke of some upcoming events, such as the National AGM and the Stewards Council.

7. Adjournment

a. Renaud moved that the meeting be adjourned.

b. Seconded by Philippe M.

c. The meeting was adjourned.