Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Saguenay-Lac St-Jean Chapter

Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 5:30 pm at Boston Pizza, Jonquière

Kaven Landry (President)
Sonia Richard (Vice-President)
Sébastien Chouinard (Treasurer)
Josée Girard (Secretary)
Frédéric Pineau (Member-at-Large)
Stéphane Demers (Member-at-Large)
Jonathan Fradet (Member-at-Large)
Pascal Bourgeois (Member-at-Large)
Ms. Ringuette-Lapointe (Member-at-Large)
Total members/guests present: 33

The meeting began at 6:10 p.m.

1. Roll call of Executive members

The President, Kaven Landry, introduced the members of the Executive.

2. Opening remarks

The President acknowledged the presence of our guests, Yvon Brodeur, Stéphane Aubry and Pierre Potvin.

3. Approval of agenda

Review of agenda. Sonia Richard moved to approve the agenda. Seconded by Sébastien Chouinard.

4. Follow-up to report on AGM held May 16, 2018

Review and follow-up of the 2018 AGM report of May 16, 2018 at La Couquerie restaurant in Chicoutimi. Guylaine Tremblay moved that the report be approved. Seconded by Martin Pedneault.

5. Business arising from the minutes of May 16, 2018


6. President’s Report

Mr. Landry presented his report and informed the members that it would be available on the PIPSC website.

7. Other business

a. Do Better
Mr. Aubry will address the subject.

b. Fall event
The discussion was mainly focused on PIPSC’s 100th anniversary and suggestions for activities by members.

8. Vice-President’s Report

Ms. Richard explained her role as an advisor and liaison officer to ensure consistency among the various departments/sectors. She informed us of her involvement in the Human Rights and Diversity Committee. She urged members to inform her if they need accommodation.

9. Annual financial report by Treasurer Sébastien Chouinard

Treasurer Sébastien Chouinard reported a deficit for the year with justification for expenses related to the various activities. The bank balance as of December 31, 2018 was $ X.
Janic Lavoie moved that the financial report be approved. Seconded by Caroline Jean.

10. Presentation by Yvon Brodeur (various topics)

a. Quebec stands out from the rest of Canada because of its many committees.
b. There was a visit to a research centre in Montréal, which provided an opportunity to learn about the realities faced by researchers. Capsules on science and outsourcing are coming soon. The aim is to restore the reputation of researchers.
c. The FTQ's diversity training will be adapted to PIPSC’s needs.
d. A communication network is being developed for Quebec. Dispute resolution courses are being prepared and a committee on violence in the workplace is about to be established.
e. A member was invited to get involved in the Official Languages Committee. Sonia Richard nominated her.
f. Members are encouraged to submit their ideas at any time.

11. PIPSC’s 100th anniversary

Stéphane Demers made a presentation on the 100th anniversary of PIPSC. The anniversary date is February 6, 2020. Members were invited to give their ideas for marking the event. Ideas, memories and suggestions for activities were welcomed. A variety of realistic and unrealistic activities were suggested: attending a Saguenéens game, inviting Debi Daviau, going to Arbre en arbre, holding a corn roast, cooking a mechoui at a farm, picking pumpkins…

12. Presentation by Stéphane Aubry (Do Better)

Presentation on the Do Better campaign. Mr. Aubry explained the origin of this new slogan, which was taken from Prime Minister Trudeau's comments to public servants, telling them that his government was going to do better. The message is to make the government aware that it must respect, support and improve the working conditions of its employees if it wants us to do better!
The Phoenix pay problems are still as hot an issue as ever. Three bids for alternative software were selected. The union wants a new system, but also wants us to take the time to choose the right one, in order to avoid new problems. No funds have been provided for this year by the government in its new budget. He explained the class action and grievance process for those with pay problems.
He reminded us of the federal election this fall. It is apparently going to be a tight race between the Conservatives and Liberals.
He asked for our participation in order to be visible and to spread the message in our respective communities.

13. Presentation by Pierre Potvin (political action / bargaining support)

Mr. Potvin explained his role as a National Defence representative. He informed us of his meeting as Sub-Group President in Halifax. He talked about the context of taking political action and the importance of reconnecting/identifying with our union.

14. Election

President (2-year term), position held by Kaven Landry: Sébastien
Chouinard nominated Kaven Landry. No further nominations.
Kaven Landry was re-elected by acclamation.
Treasurer (2-year term), Sébastien Chouinard: Kaven Landry nominated
Sébastien Chouinard. No further nominations. Mr. Chouinard
was re-elected by acclamation.
Three Members-at-Large (2-year term), positions held by Stéphane Demers, Pascal Bourgeois and Valérie Ringuette-Lapointe. The outgoing Members-at-Large were nominated by Kaven Landry, Sébastien Chouinard and Josée Girard. Additional nominations: Martin Pednault and Stéphane Bonneau were nominated by Jonathan Fradet and Hughes Pearson. They both declined. The three current Members-at-Large were re-elected by acclamation.

15. Door prizes

Two umbrellas, 2 cups, 1 bottle of water, 5 placemats with the PIPSC logo were given to members.

16. Other business


17. Adjournment

The meeting ended at 8:30 p.m. Moved by Caroline Jean and seconded by Jannie Gauthier.