Quebec City Branch


Meeting #2 - 2022-04-14
La Piazzetta Saint-Louis


In Attendance:

Daniel BROUILLETTE (RETIRED)              Denis CAISSY (DND)                     

Jean COUILLARD (CRA)                             Nancy LAVOIE (SSC)          

Guy Abel (SSC)                                           


Karine REGIMBALD (DND)                         Réjean MICHAUD (RETIRED)

Lisanne RACINE (DND)                               Sylvain COTE (ESDC)                                

Yvon Brodeur (RETIRED)    

  1. President’s opening remarks
    At 5:30 p.m., the President opened the meeting and thanked the members present at the meeting.
  2. Agenda Review and Approval
    The agenda was approved as presented.
    Moved by Denis Caissy, seconded by Jean Couillard. Carried
  3. Review and Approval of the Minutes of the January 26, 2022 Meeting
    The minutes were approved as presented.
    Moved by Jean Couillard, seconded by Nancy Lavoie. Carried
  4. Financial report
    1. Presentation of the financial report
      The Treasurer reviewed the actual and future expenses, as well as the current balance. The application for the 2022 Branch annual allocation has been sent.

Action item (Denis Caissy): Designate a 4th Signing Officer for the cheques and make the necessary changes.

  1. Members-at-large roundtable
    1. Daniel Brouillette: Nothing new.
    2. Jean Couillard: A meeting to prepare the VFS Group demands was held. The Group’s collective agreement expiration date is December 22, 2022. A brainstorming activity was held to promote engagement. The return to work in person will be done in 3 phases at the Canadian Revenue Agency (Phase #1: email notification and preparation of office space. Phase #2 and #3: gradual increase in numbers of people returning to work onsite. Working remotely will always be possible.
    3. Guy Abel: Employees are concerned about the possibility of a mandatory return to work onsite. The vast majority would like to maintain full-time telework. SSC has not yet made a decision regarding return to work. Guy participated in the meeting of the new executive of the Quebec City Retired Member Guild (President: Yvon Brodeur, Vice President: Denis Arsenault, Treasurer: Réjean Michaud, Secretary: Sylvie Laperrière). First, they will redraft the invitation sent to new retirees to join the Guild. This one seemed to be typed and did not mention any benefits of becoming a member.

Nancy Lavoie: At the Donnacona Institution, telework is over. Employees are now required to come to the office. The EAP and the unions organized a Sugar Shack activity in the parking lot of the building. The activity was well attended and appreciated by the employees. Nancy has been appointed as the Chair of the National Election Appeal Committee.
Action item (Nancy Lavoie): Get the name of the food truck offering sugar shack food.

      4. Denis Caissy: Participated in the Broadbent Institute’s Symposium on Progress.


  1. Region’s report
    The spring training will take place on April 27-30, 2022. The Regional Steward Council will be held on May 27-28, 2022. The Steward Council will be held at the Delta Sherbrooke on September 24, 2022. Basic Steward Training will take place this fall. 
  2. Branch Activities for 2022
    1. FEEDBACK on Pension Training (highly unionized)
      Very nice turnout. Old and new members attended. Very well organized. Réjean Michaud did a great job.
    2. Spring activity
      BBQ at the Base de plein air de Ste-Foy on Sunday, June 12, 2022. There will be: Volleyball, trails, horseshoe game, bag toss game. Ask participants to bring a board game and a snack. If it rains, we will play board games indoors. We will provide lunch and drinks.
      Action item (Denis Caissy): Make a reservation at the Base de plein air de Ste-Foy
      Action item (Nancy Lavoie): Reserve the Cage aux Sports food truck.

Action item (Lisanne Racine and Karine Regimbald): Reservations for an inflatable game and a makeup artist.

    3. AGM 2022 (highly unionized)

    4. Date:  October 5 or 12, 2022

    5. Location: To be determined
        Guests:  PIPSC President and an ERO from Montreal

Action item (Denis Cassy): Invite PIPSC President and an ERO for jurisprudence

Action item (Karine Regimbald): Get quotes for the location

  1. Visibility items
    1. Welcome package for new executive members
      Item deferred
    2. Distribution of the polo shirts we are waiting for
      Item deferred
    3. Ordering Quebec City Branch Executive pins
      Item deferred
  2. Miscellaneous

10. Adjournment
At 8:30 p.m. Denis Caissy moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Guy Abel. Carried