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15 Feb 2017

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20 Apr 2017  

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14 Jun 2017

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Minutes of the June 14, 2017, meeting at Le Cosmos restaurant (Lebourgneuf Boulevard, Québec).

In Attendance: Pierre Girard, Réjean Michaud, Daniel Brouillette, Denis Arsenault, Michel Bédard,

 Alain Tremblay, Denis Caissy

Absent: Pierre Claver Bigirindavyi

Guest Speaker: Jean-Luc Bédard (NR, Québec City Sub-Group President, Val Cartier Research Centre)

  1. Call to order at 5:35 p.m., quorum established.
  2. Agenda: moved by Denis Arsenault, seconded by Michel Bédard. Carried
  3. Réjean, on behalf of Yvon Brodeur, spoke about the Regional Council which was held at the beginning of May (for more details see the report of the Council). A meeting on June 3rd (Orford) brought together the Regional Executive and the Branch and Sub-Group Presidents. A request was made to the youth committee for the required courses and another to the chairs of committees to know the terms of reference, the number of members, the objectives for the next year and to obtain a report. Jean-Luc Bédard spoke about the last meeting of the NR Sub-Group Presidents and the AGM (St. John’s, Newfoundland). The move is meant to generate new Sub-Groups. He presented his members and the Québec City Executive. He spoke about the salary and classification issues for the engineers and the disparity between the National Capital and the Regions.
  4. Adoption of the April 26, 2017, minutes, moved by Daniel Brouillette, seconded by Denis Caissy.   Carried.
    The action items are addressed later in the minutes.
  5. Daniel Brouillette gave a financial update and presented the synoptic journal.
  6. Post-mortem comments of our spring activity: good conference, not enough people, charming site, need more time for questions, good entertainment by Réjean, quite some time after the mosque event, many new faces, addresses to be revised as some members did not receive the invitation, employer’s bulletin boards to be used to announce the conference.
  7. For our next AGM, it seems that Centre Vidéotron is too expensive as well as the Cercle de la garnison and that the Manoir Montmorency will be preferred this time to the Royal Cherbourg even if it will be the second time in this place.

There will be elections this year. Michel Audet will be the chair of the Elections committee. There is a lack of succession and the possibility for retirees to be involved in demonstrations, strikes, etc.

  1. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 23 (Ste-Foy) and Alain Tremblay asked for the meeting to be adjourned, seconded by Daniel Brouillette (9:20 pm). Carried.