Montérégie Branch AGM Minutes—December 12, 2019

  1. Call to order:

H. Vanasse, President, called the meeting to order at 6:15 p.m. and welcomed the Branch members

and guests.


  1. Introduction of guests:

H. Vanasse took the opportunity to introduce the other guests for the evening: 

Steve Parent, Regional Representative for PIPSC’s AFS group, and

Sandra Guéric, ERO.

Philippe Turcq from the Fonds d’action de la FTQ was unable to attend due to illness.


  1. Introduction of the Interim Executive:

Hugues Vanasse President

*Lucie Dubé Vice-President

*Manon Duchesne Treasurer

*Giovanni Giolti Secretary

*Francine Carrier Member-at-Large

Ngatiré Djaîbé Member-at-Large

*Fethi Boutaleb Member-at-Large

*Claudine Morin Member-at-Large

Maya El Haraké Member-at-Large

Steve Parent Member-at-Large

Ahmed Awad Member-at-Large


* available positions for election


  1. Approval of the agenda:

Moved by Elizabeth Barbe and seconded by Philippe Fortin.


  1. Adoption of the 2019 AGM Minutes

Moved by Elizabeth Barbe and seconded by Steve Parent.


  1. President’s Report: 

H. Vanasse summarized some of the Branch activities that took place during the year. In addition, he mentions the retreat and the thank you event for volunteers who are involved in the Branch itself and in the Occupational Health and Safety or other related committees. Hughes describes the history of unions and also mentions the importance that climate change will have on the union movement.


  1. Presentation of the financial statements as of December 31, 2018, and 2020 budget:

Mrs. Manon Duchesne, Treasurer of the Montérégie Branch, being absent, the secretary presented the financial statements.


The financial statements were adopted on a motion by Philippe Ouimet, seconded by Nadie Bourcier.


  1. Elections:

Mr. Marc Letourneau presented the positions for election. Having received the nominations and checked the candidates’ eligibility for four of the five vacant positions, he asked the floor if there were any candidates willing to complete the executive. The candidates were elected by acclamation.


  1. Introduction of the new executive:

Hugues Vanasse President

Steve Parent Vice-Chair (elected)

Manon Duchesne Treasurer

Lucie Dubé Secretary (re-elected)

Francine Carrier Member-at-Large (Chosen under Art. 6.7.2)

Maya El-Haraké Member-at-Large

Fethi Boutaleb (HC location) Member-at-Large (re-elected)

Ngatiré Djabé (CRA location) Member-at-Large

Ahmed Awad (NRCAN location) Member-at-Large

Giovanni Giolti (CSA location) Member-at-Large (re-elected)

Claudine Morin Member-at-Large (re-elected)


10. Adjournment

H. Vanasse thanked all the executives, guests, and members who participated in the AGM this year.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.

Suggested by Elizabeth Barbe and seconded by Claudine Morin.


11. Guests’ speeches


Steve Parent: Among the points presented by Steve:

  1. Payroll problems still affect PIPSC members.
  2. Official languages and their impact on supervisors.
  3. Negotiations will resume quietly for the next round.
  4. Need to remind members to pay attention to their retro which should be added soon.
  5. The new sick leave program that will be voted on soon.
  6. Mentioned the National AGM and some of the important items that were discussed.
  7. Finally, he ends with the status quo for official languages for supervisors. 


Sandra Guéric: Sandra spoke to us about the different forms of dismissal.

  1. Right to speak
  2. Loyalty to the employer
  3. Disclosure under the law.
    1. A case where the employee wins his case.
    2. Another case where the employee loses his case. 

A short question and answer period followed the presentation.


Draws: Some door prizes were drawn. Reusable bottles were distributed to the members present. Everyone appreciated the gesture for the environment.