76th PRC - Saskatoon Branch Report

Presented to the 76th Prairie/Northwest Territories Regional Council

The Saskatoon Branch Executive (Executive) has a strategy of being active in engaging Saskatoon area PIPSC Constituent Body Executives, Stewards, Members and the public. Engaging these four groups means having one-on-one conversations and hosting events where accurate information can be provided, there are opportunities for networking, and, most importantly, an opportunity to empower and motivate individuals to get involved and take action.

To achieve our goal the Executive selected a number of creative and achievable events. A calendar of events and an event budget was created to ensure the success of all the events. Finally, to engage the entire Executive, every Executive member volunteered to assist 1-2 other Executive members with organizing at least one of the selected events.    

As a result of this planning, events such as our Retirement Supper and Learn, Member Appreciation Night, Saskatchewan Rush Lacrosse Night were held. I am proud to inform you that as a result of Saskatoon Branch Member contributions at these events our Saskatoon Branch was able to make food and cash donations to the Food Bank of Saskatoon. In addition, the Executive created a “Champions of Lunch and Learns” Sub-Committee to ensure there were a number of Lunch and Learns held involving a number of topics and held in a variety of work locations throughout the Saskatoon Branch Region.

The Saskatoon Branch held it’s AGM on September 20, 2018 at the German Cultural Centre. PIPSC National President, Debi Daviau, was our guest speaker. Debi provided information on many important matters to Members including Phoenix, Employee Wellness Support Program, Collective Bargaining, Negotiations on the Public Service Health and Dental Care Plans, and the Strategic Direction of PIPSC which includes value to members, increasing the influence of PIPSC and ensuring PIPSC operates as a model organization.

During the AGM business meeting held after the banquet, the members elected the following as the PIPSC Saskatoon Branch Executive for 2018-2019:

President: Robert Trudeau, CRA

Vice-President: Rob Scott, CSC

Secretary: Tammy Okemaysim, PWGSC

Treasurer: Glenn Groskopf, CNSC

Member at Large: Janet Allen, CSC

Member at Large: Shane Roppel, SSC

Member at Large: William Stewart, CNSC

Member at Large: Ruojing Wang, CFIA

Member at Large: Maureen Haakenson, Retired

Member at Large: Dean Egland, CRA

Member at Large: Rachel Boyko, CSC

Members of the Executive, and Saskatoon area Stewards and members are very active. In addition to attending and working on the various Branch Events, they have attended the Prairie/NWT Labour School, Stewards Council, and Regional Council, Group AGMs, the PIPSC National AGM and various other training and meeting opportunities. In addition, they are involved with PIPSC National Board of Directors Committees and local, regional and national group activities. The group activities includes representing members and participating in contract negotiations.

I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to the members of the Saskatoon Branch Executive. Without their professionalism, innovative ideas, unwavering dedication, tireless efforts and ability to work collaboratively, our Branch would not be able to achieve its goals.

On behalf of the Saskatoon Branch Executive and the members we serve, I would like to say a special thank you to two members of our Executive who stepped down from the Executive this last year; Colleen Leinenweber and Judy Holt. Colleen and Jody’s energy, creativity, effort, knowledge, experience, and leadership are greatly missed.

I would like to welcome Janet Allen and Shane Roppel to our Executive as Members at Large. Janet and Shane have been very actively involved with our Branch activities since joining the Executive.

Finally, on behalf of the Saskatoon Branch Executive, I would like to thank the Saskatoon area Stewards and Members for their hard work and participation in the various events, meetings and activities listed above. The involvement of our Members in our Union is the key to any successes we achieve. Our Union is only as strong as the strength of the Members it serves.

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Trudeau

President, Saskatoon Branch

Saskatoon, SK

306-975-6416(W), 306-249-6522(H), 306-371-4412 (C)

robert.trudeau@cra-arc.gc.ca (W)

rtrudeau@pipsc.ca (W)

robertltrudeau@hotmail.com (W)