Report on the 2018 Steward Council to the 76th Prairies/Northwest Territories Regional Council

Report on the 2018 Steward Council

to the 76th Prairies/Northwest Territories

Regional Council, Winnipeg

May 24-25, 2019

Submitted by Nancy McCune


Steward Council 2018 took place on September 28 and 29 in Winnipeg.

The Regional Young professional committee had a meeting before the start of the steward council.  We went through a brainstorming exercise to come up with some engagement activities and members made commitments to carry out these activities.

The afternoon started off with a presentation on our regions 2018 Legacy Foundation Scholarship recipients. The recipients were: Rachel Hughes, Calgary; Rafid Javid, Winnipeg; Jack Osiowy, Winnipeg; Mathew Wurzer, Edmonton; and Gurleen Randhawa, Edmonton.

Shelley Melanson, Team Lead, Mobilization and Emily Watkins, Special Advisor, Office of the President took us through a presentation on strengthening our capacity.  The presentation explored the ladder of engagement and the website

Sean Kemball, ERO,  did a presentation on off duty conduct and privacy.

We enjoyed a very entertaining evening with Roger Haskett and the Family Feud

Some of our members were up bright and early to have meetings with their groups. 

Our first speaker of the day was Roger Haskett.  He did a very energetic presentation on Pressure Cooker Tactics.

Emily Watkins did a presentation on how to talk to your MP.  The BOD regularly engages in lobbying in Ottawa but our members can also have meetings with their MP’s. This presentation gave them the tools they need to have productive meetings.

The ERO’s presented the café style training.  There were four topics covered, marijuana in the workplace, human rights, duty to accommodate, and probation.  Stewards always enjoy these sessions as it gives them an opportunity to find out the latest information on issues so that they can better represent their members.

The afternoon ended with the steward awards.  The following stewards received awards: Bobby Eiswirth, Rolfe Antonowitsch and Mary Stewart was our steward of the year.

Thank you to the 2018 members of the regional training committee: Bobby Eiswirth, Robert Trudeau, Nancy Shalay and Sharon Losinski. Thank you to the staff for your participation in this year’s council.

The training committee is always interested in hearing from stewards about any training ideas or topics they would like to have presented at the steward council.  If you have any suggestions you can forward them on to Rob Trudeau, or me,

Looking forward to Steward Council 2019 at the Fantasy Land Hotel in Edmonton on September 20 -21, 2019.  Registration will be out in early to mid June.  See you then.