Meeting – March 21, 2019 at 5:00 pm
960-363 Broadway Ave., Winnipeg, MB


Present: Pramesh Selliah, Donna Johnston, Cory Graham, Chris Freeman, Kevin Jacobs, David Hakes, Linda Howes, Jason Caners

Regrets: Terri Gobeil, Jay Krishnan, Mo Khakbazan


1) Call to Order

  • Linda called the meeting to order at 17:03.

2) Approval of Agenda

  • Moved by Linda, seconded by Kevin, motion carried

3) Minutes of last meetings, Feb 12, 2019

  • Moved by Linda, seconded by David. motion carried

4) President’s Report

  • PRC – mandatory for all delegates to attend the March on May 25!

ACTION: all Executive to select an event that they wish to lead (ie hospitality, volunteer, appreciation). Come prepared for next meeting to discuss.

ACTION: PIPSC email will be required for future travel. Ie Application on the website.

  • See attached report for full details

5) Treasurer’s Report

  • Have submitted AGM documents.
  • Sent in for overcharges for wages from 2017 AGM.
  • Line 07 & 09 to be revised in circulated financial statement to represent 2018 expenses.
  • Received new signatory card.

ACTION: signing officers to sign signatory card

  • Possibly consider additional signatory in future, if can not get signatures in a timely fashion.
  • Motion to accept financial report. Moved Jason, Seconded Pramesh. Carried.

6) New Business

  • Event Planning - deferred

7) Other Business:

  • Round Table

– Chris –
MOTION: Reimburse expenses of $XX gift for Regional Director to attend Branch AGM. Pay expenses of $XX.00 for purchase of Parliamentary Procedures book. Moved by Chris, Linda seconded. Carried.

  • Donna – PIPSC (WASM) retired members AGM to attend in April.
  • Kevin – Lunch & Learn today – approx. 20 members. Delegate to SP AGM in Montreal. Also to attend Steward Training.
  • David – CS subgroup meeting. Lunch & Learn last month.
  • Cory – MAGE AGM scheduled for April 30. Invitation will be extended for a Branch Rep.
  • Pramesh – few new nurses started at new location. Concerns regarding working conditions and vagrancy around work location. Waiting for them to be settled to provide steward information. Trying to organize a lunch & learn, possibly bargaining update or PIPSC 101.

NOTE: PIPSC office building has a boardroom that is available for building tenants to utilize. Seats about 40.

  • Linda – performance management reviews time of year. Also is to attend Labour training.

3 steward applications received by President.
PIPSC AGM delegates should register ASAP due to the increased number of delegates.
ACTION: Linda to inquire with Regional Director regards to branch allotment.

  • Jason – CS classification being looked at, rename to an IT classification. Do not yet know the implications.

Standing motion to reimburse Cory for dinner cost - $XX.

ACTION: Cory to set up doodle poll for April, May, June & Sept meetings.

8) Adjournment

Next meeting to be set by President.
Motion: Moved by Cory.
Meeting adjourned at 18:35

President’s Report is available upon request