Meeting – July 16, 2018 at 4:45 pm

PIPSC office 960-363 Broadway Ave., Winnipeg, MB


Present: Jason Caners, Chris Freeman, Terri Gobeil, ,

Donna Johnston, Jay Krishnan, Cory Graham, Mo Khakbazan

Regrets: Herbert Herrera, Pramesh Selliah, Bryan Van Wilgenburg, Linda Howes

Guests: none

  1. Call to Order
  • Chris called the meeting to order at  5:25 p.m.
  1. Approval of Agenda
  • Moved by Chris, seconded by Jay, motion carried
  1. Minutes of last meetings, May 28, 2018  
  • Moved by Cory, seconded by Donna, motion carried
  1. President’s Report

NOTE – any minutes to be posted on the PIPSC website needs to have all financial values redacted.

  • PRE
    • Nancy acting Part Time VP as Shirley resigned.  There is some question as to process and validity due to bylaws, etc.
    • Rob Trudeau acting Regional Director currently
    • Steward Council delegates have been notified.  Deadline for registration is August 24.  Fairmount Winnipeg.
  • PRC in Winnipeg Spring 2019 for Centennial of Winnipeg Strike.
  • Branch Presidents met at PRC – was a good networking opportunity.
  • Bylaws  - WASM Branch bylaw changes have been updated on the PIPSC website.
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Ordered visibility items – cost $XX.  Jason will submit invoice of $XX to Prairie Region for reimbursement.
  • Officers need to provide 2 pieces of ID to Jason and sign authorization card in order for signing authority on WASM PIPSC account.
  • Jason gave us an update on Branch finances, having provided the income and cash flow statements
  1. New Business
    • Attendees are encouraged to register as soon as possible for hotel rooms.
  • Canopy Package 

Motion: Jason moved that branch reimburse him for the canopy, table and visibility items of $XX.  2nd by Jay.  Carried.

  • Event Planning:
    • Open House – Thursday Dec 6, 2018.  Deferred.  No new news. Donna
    • Executive Meeting/Holiday Dinner – Saturday Dec 8 (start 5 or 6 pm) deferred.  No new news. Linda
    • WSMB AGM – Jay, Bryan, Herbert to select venue, menu.  Looking into possibly different dates to allow attendance from someone on PRE.  Discussion of maybe members only.  Merits/cost of buffet type meal vs served meal.
    • Labour Day activity – Chris indicated has been working with Herbert to determine potential options for contributions.  PIPSC requires a purchase of something not a donation.  Possibly set up booth for Labour Day with new visibility items. Will need volunteers to man the booth.

Motion: Moved that the branch spend approximately $XX to set up booth at Labour Day event.  Moved: Chris, 2nd: Terry.  Carried.

    • Chris/Herbert to contact Bailey to invite all WASM membership & families
      • Remember to wear a PIPSC logo shirt!
    • Bomber Game – potential get together for members and associates.  15-25% discount depending upon number of attendees.  Chris to circulate the website with the coloured seating chart to determine which price point WASM might be interested in suggesting to the membership.  No funding from WASM involved, just the opportunity for networking.  Tentative game selected October 13 vs Roughriders.
    • Brandon Open House – Mo.  Last year had a lot of interest, approximately 30 people.  Mo to plan and provide budget to WASM. 
    • BBQ –June 23 was cancelled due to conflicts.  Chris to send around inquiry to see if any interest in doing one in the fall.

Standing motion to reimburse Cory for dinner cost - $XX

  1. Other Business:
    • Round Table

Donna – discussion regarding the historical method of selection for attending events, AGM, etc.  Interest expressed around table to have a defined method for selection, and potentially go in camera for selection if guests are in attendance at the meeting, so there isn’t pressure.  Chris will draft an initial policy to be reviewed by the executive.

Jay – Request notification of Executive if PRE is in Winnipeg, so interested members can apply to attend.

  • Northern MB Branch – due to minimal activity, and difficulty in pulling folks together, there may be the possibility of joining WASM in order to not loose their status.  Currently just in discussion stage, nothing is formulated.

Jason – changes to parking rates on the street, discussion regarding submission of parking bills to PIPSC.  Any executive member that has parking receipts can submit to Jason to organize and submit to PIPSC or be paid by branch.

Motion: Branch reimburse executive members for parking expenses for Executive meetings effective February 2018. Moved: Chris  2nd: Jay.  Carried.

Cory – recently elected VP of MAGE at the AGM.  Aim is to get bylaws through bylaw committee and have posted updates on the website.

  1.  Adjournment

Motion: Moved by Jason

Meeting adjourned at 7:29 p.m.