Thursday March 4, 2021 5:30 pm

ZOOM Webinar

Winnipeg, MB



Present: Pramesh Selliah,  Terri Gobeil, Cory Graham, David Hakes, Kevin Jacobs, Mo Khakbazan, Jason Caners, Pamela Kubicz, Christine Freeman, Brent Maine, Donna Johnston


Regrets:  None

  1. Call to Order



  1. Approval of Agenda

Donna/ Second Pam


  1. Approval of Minutes:

    a) Last meeting -  January 12, 2021

Kevin/Second David



  1. President’s Report

Circular about PRC

Not sure if it will go ahead

Decision will be made by the end of March

Starting to collect names of members interested in attending


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Jason

Nothing taken out since last meeting

Balance is $X

Email was sent to Harvest Manitoba about how to donate

$X to Winnipeg, $X to Brandon, may need signatures if cheque is required


Shirts waiting for logo before ordering.

Jason/ Second Pramesh


6. New Business

    a) Elections for Executive Officers

Pramesh (elections chair) announced:

Treasurer: Jason was acclaimed

Secretary: Kevin was acclaimed

Vice President: Terri was elected

President: Cory was elected

    b) Logo

Jason and Cory will work on this

    c) PRC Notification (Calgary Friday June 11 – Sat June 12, 2011)

Starting to collect names


7. Old Business  

    a) PIPSC AGM – reconvene April 10, 2021

    b) Member Engagement for 2020/2021,


Newsletter and contest was sent to PIPSC IT

Pam and Dave to randomly select winners from correct entries

Deadline April 1, 2021


  1. Round Table

Donna received a thank you card and tax receipt for $X on behalf of the WSMB for donation to Winnipeg Harvest


Dave, CS reached agreement


Terri, Now on regional labour management committee as well as the local UMCC

Working on Phoenix Grievances

Everyone working from home, lost many stewards across the country


Cory has not lost any stewards in MAGE



Parking grievances

Attended AC/WGC



Was contacted about purchasing tickets



Filing grievance for banked overtime hours. Issue with not allowing more than 37.5 hours to be banked contrary to collective agreement



Has been doing SSC consultation

CS group signed contract

180 days to come into effect

Expires again in December 2021

CS Group trying a virtual AGM.



Contract also expires in December 2021

Discussion of vacation

Will be a topic for conversation

Phoenix settlement added to number of vacation days



Nothing to add



Thanked all for running for election



not allowed to carryover any vacation/ OT leave at Province


  1. Next meeting date/time

13th of April. @17:30


10. Adjournment

Cory/ Second Pam



Meeting adjourned at 18:03