Wednesday May 24, 2023 5:30 pm

Olive Garden Polo Park




Present: Cory Graham, Kevin Jacobs, Terri Gobeil, Pramesh Selliah, Mo Khakbazan, David Hakes, Donna Johnston, Blair English, Brent Maine, Jason Caners, Christine Freeman

Regrets : none


  1. Call to Order 17:37


  1. Approval of Agenda

Moved by Kevin

Seconded by Pramesh



  1. Approval of Minutes:

Last meeting -  Wednesday April 19, 2023

Moved by Kevin

Seconded by Donna



Review of draft AGM minutes – Thursday, May 11, 2023

Moved as amended by Chris

Seconded by Terri



  1. Elections

Terri election chair

President as there were no other nominations Cory Graham was acclaimed


Jason nominated Kevin Jacobs

accepted, acclaimed


5. President’s Report

  • Prairie Regional Council next week in Regina SK
  • Elections for PRE exective positions
  • Pride Parade in June (multiple jurisdictions)
  • Indigenous Day Live (Chris and Pramesh have volunteered Saturday June 17)
  • Discussion on labour day


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jason)
  • Report on file,
  • Jason will submit for allotment for 2023 with AGM minutes and election reports
  • Suggesting use of form when executive has hospitality expenses for record keeping.
  • Expenses in support of Alliance Job action. Submit receipts to Jason
  • Question about promotional items, can send some items to Blair and Mo for distribution.
  • Executive to send ideas to the group for promotional items.


  1. New Business

     a) Selection of attendees for PIPSC AGM (November 26-29, 2023 Montreal)

     b) 7 delegate spots

People that were not selected last year include: Terri and Donna and would like to attend

Cory would like to put her name forward as President for delegate spot


Nominations included:








Rest of spots selected by random draw in order of selection.

  1. Mo
  2. Blair
  3. Pramesh
  4. David
  5. Chris (alternate)
  6. Brent (alternate)
  7. Jason (alternate)


Delegates selected were:








Chris, Brent, and Jason are alternates.


  1. Old Business

     a) Laptop for branch – Jason deferred.

     b) WASMB - AGM recap (Donna)

Lessons learned

  • attendance decreasing
  • numerous no shows
  • Some new members which was great to see
  • Potential guest speakers for next year could include President, VP, or chair of finance committee
  • Discussion on inviting local

Group Executives subgroups etc.

  • Some members never received communications. Members need to update their information with PIPSC Membership Services

     c) Selection criteria for National AGM delegates – (Dave/Pramesh) ongoing.

     d) Steward Council 2023 Winnipeg, September 22/23

           1. Branch to identify

               i) Event / social activity –True North Square (Kevin/Cory)

               ii) Charity to fundraise for – speech

               iii) Swag item (Cory) – cutlery purchased

     e) Engagement 

          i) Bomber Game 2023 (Jason) Aug or Sept Jason contacted Bombers

          ii) Goldeyes Game  2023 (David) September time frame. Tickets and patio idea

          iii) Family BBQ in Brandon in September

          iv) Airplane Museum 2024 (Kevin) end of January or February

          v) Valour Game 2023 (David) May or June (deferred)

     f) Standing Events

          i) Steward Appreciation Sept/Oct 2023 (Dave and Terri)

          ii) Winnipeg Open House, King’s Head December 2023

          iii) Brandon Open House, December 2023 (Mo)

          iv) Volunteer activity for executive, discussion of T-shirts or golf shirts various sizes 35 items (Jason)


  1. Round Table

Mo- discussion on shirts for visibility items

Blair- looks forward to contributing as newest member of the Branch Executive

Jason- nothing to report

Dave- carpooling to PRC

Brent- nothing to report

Chris- moves that she be reimbursed $X for PSAC support (coffee and donuts)

Seconded by Pramesh



Pramesh: attending IT AGM in June in Ottawa

Terri: nothing to report

Donna: wishing everyone a wonderful summer

Kevin: It is a busy time of the year with consultation meetings

Cory: Currently in bargaining but Provinces negotiator quit, provincial election blackout upcoming resulting in MAGE negotiations stalled.


10. Next meeting date/time

quick zoom during summer

Kevin to send out a poll.


11. Motion to Adjourn  18:46

Moved by Dave seconded by Blair