Wednesday April 19, 2023 5:30 pm

Junction 59 Restaurant




Present: Cory Graham, Kevin Jacobs, Terri Gobeil, Pramesh Selliah, Mo Khakbazan, David Hakes, Donna Johnston, Pam Kubicz, Brent Maine, Jason Caners, Christine Freeman

Regrets : none


  1. Call to Order 17:26 Cory called the meeting to order


  1. Approval of Agenda

moved by Pam, seconded by Terri



  1. Approval of Minutes:

     a) Last meeting -  February 9, 2023

Moved by Pramesh, seconded by Dave



  1. President’s Report (Cory)

     a) Prairie Region Executive March 4, Edmonton

     b) There was a function connected to Basic Steward training but there were limited opportunities for interaction.

     c) WTEG/ WPEG representatives invited to Prairie Region Council

     d) 20 delegates selected for Prairie Regional Council

     e) Labour school next weekend

     f) Prairie Regional Council in June, there is the potential for a West-jet pilots strike.

     g) Navigar presentation

     h) Canadian Labour Congress in May


  1. Treasurer’s Report : report on file

Current balance $X

AGM budget $X

Jason will apply for allotment after AGM

  • Largest expense was promotional items
  • Discussion about request for Branch laptop from PIPSC IT. Jason will inquire.
  • Discussion on supporting PSAC, every Branch Executive has $X for year without motion for hospitality.


  1. New Business



  1. Old Business

     a) WASMB - AGM planning (Donna)

     Notice has gone out. Posted February 15th.

     45 registered as of today.

     Election chair, Mo and Kevin

     Mo will be at CLC Pramesh volunteered to help with the election


     b) National AGM delegates selection questions/criteria

     c) Steward Council

          i) event at food court at True North Square, $X for each steward to use.

          ii) Guest speaker from Bruce Oake Recovery Centre?

     d) Baseball/ Football/ Aircraft Museum event.

          i) Dave- Steward appreciation

          ii) Open House- event, Pramesh

              usually first Thursday in December

          iii) Brandon Open House

          iv) Pension presentations only on zoom


8. Round Table

Chris : On Bylaw and policy committee, had a meeting recently.

     a) Will be Parliamentarian for PRC

     b) Edmonton AGM was declared null and void due to notice requirements not being met.

     c) Will be supporting PSAC members on the picket line.

  • Mo, Planning a BBQ for the summer
  • Brent, no report
  • Jason, Consultation on pause until PSAC strike resolved with Federal Employers
  • Dave, IT/CS Winnipeg Sub-Group AGM next week.
  • Pam, running for AFS Regional Rep
  • Pramesh, AGM next week.
  • Donna, nothing to report
  • Terri, Winnipeg SH subgroup AGM in May 15.
  • Kevin, has been very busy with meetings, consultation and grievances
  • Cory, workplace relocated,
  • MAGE AGM 14 people attended meeting. Jennifer attended as well as Group negotiator, Executive was in person.

Two positions elected by acclamation

Exchange proposals in two weeks with the employer.


9. Next meeting date/time

AGM, Next executive meeting TBD


10. Motion to adjourn

Moved by Kevin, seconded by Jason

meeting adjourned 18:58