Saturday December 10, 2022 5:00 pm

Rae & Jerry’s




Present: Cory Graham, Kevin Jacobs,, Terri Gobeil, Pramesh Selliah,  Jason Caners, Christine Freeman,  Brent Maine,  Mo Khakbazan,  David Hakes, Pam Kubicz,


Regrets : Donna Johnston


  1. Call to Order 17:02
  1. Approval of Agenda:

Moved by Pramesh seconded by Pam



  1. Approval of Minutes:

Last meeting -  November 7, 2022

Moved by Pam seconded by Terri



  1. President’s Report: (Cory) NIL


  1. Treasurer’s Report: (Jason) 4 people with signing authority

Current balances $X after open house expense of $X

Allotment just over $X

Estimated $X Better Together funding to be received


  1. New Business:
    1. Motion promo items (Kevin)
    2. The cost for the scarfs and hats. They come to $X in total. 


Motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $X for promotional hats and scarves Moved by Pam Seconded by Chris



    1. Carabiner w/Split Key Ring & Strap   

Motion to authorize the expenditure of up to $X for promotional key chains

moved by Kevin Seconded by Chris



  1. Old Business

     a) WASMB - AGM planning: deferred

     b)Selection criteria for National AGM delegates: deferred

     c)Steward Council 2023 Winnipeg

          i)Branch to identify

              1) Event / social activity – Museum. Kevin provided an update on recommendation to the PRE

              2) Charity fundraiser  – Harvest Manitoba was discussed

              3) Swag item (Cory) reusable cutlery was recommended to PRE


              i)Winnipeg King’s Head Open House – recap about 39 people attended usually over 100, 2021 had 80 people. Cory met with Jennifer and discussed communications issues with notice message coming out too close to the event and the fact the message was changed.

             ii)Brandon Open House 24 people attended some new faces, 8 people did not register as they were not aware they needed to. Brandon Open House  cost was $X

            iii)Bomber Game 2023- deferred

            iv)Goldeyes Game  2023- deferred

             v)Airplane Museum 2023- deferred


  1. Round Table

Terri: wished everyone a safe and happy season

Kevin: attended the Advisory Council virtually today and provided a brief update

Pramesh: Wished everyone a safe and happy season

Pam: ordered AFS Group promotional mugs

Chris: CRA going to phase 2- allowed in the field again, many people had never been in the office before. Officially hybrid.

Dave: has the official laptop in the car, Dave will give to Cory.

Brent: thanked Kevin for his speech at the PIPSC AGM and indicated it was meaningful.

Mo: expecting to hear something about return to workplace (mandatory days), spoke about need to engage new members with promotion items.

Jason: provided a financial update with approved motions and indicated there would likely will be around $X in the bank by the end of December.

Cory: MAGE started bargaining, tried to re-start the Joint Consultation Committee with the Manitoba Government but these attempts have been met with silence.


  1. Next meeting date/time – In person, proposed for the third week of January


Moved by Dave Seconded by Mo


meeting adjourned 17:39