Monday November 7, 2022 5:30 pm





Present: Cory Graham, Kevin Jacobs, Terri Gobeil, Pramesh Selliah, Brent Maine,  Donna Johnston, Mo Khakbazan, Pam Kubicz,  David Hakes

Regrets: Jason Caners,  Christine Freeman

  1. Call to Order



  1. Approval of Agenda

Moved by Pam

Seconded by Dave



  1. Approval of Minutes: 

     a)Last meeting -  October 4, 2022

Moved by Kevin

Seconded by Pramesh



  1. President’s Report (Cory)

     a) Delegates breakfast at AGM

Cory unable to attend the most recent Prairie Region Executive. Terri attended on behalf of WSMB, and provided a summary. Region purchasing roll up banners from a distributor in Winnipeg. Reminder: delegate breakfast at AGM. Basket for legacy fundraiser- some locally sourced honey, wild rice, chocolates, etc.


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jason) regrets – report is on file

WSMB received allotment for the year.


  1. New Business 


     a) WASMB - AGM planning. Clarion was popular previously. Aiming for March 2023. Dona and Terri volunteered to coordinate.

     b) Selection criteria for National AGM delegates

Criteria from Saskatoon Branch was distributed by email.

  • Discussion: Need to do something different in WSMB as active members should be provided opportunity to attend AGM. Some rarely if ever have opportunity to go with their Group.
  • Mo- suggested that two volunteers look at criteria and report at the next meeting. Dave and Pramesh volunteered.
  • Some Groups use a questionnaire to help with delegate selection.

     c) Owl Case: Cost is approximately X + taxes for a protective case. 

Motion to authorize the expenditure of less than equal to $X for a protective case for the OWL camera.

Moved by Cory Seconded by Pam



  1. Old Business

     a) Nominations for YP committee from branch

         One person volunteered at steward appreciation. There will be a call out coming to the general membership.

     b) Steward Council 2023 Winnipeg

          Branch to identify:

          i) Event / social activity amount available is $X/ pp for the event, if includes food it is $X.

              Discussed, museum, Fort Gibraltar, Metropolitan Theatre, 

              Metropolitan is convenient location. Kevin and Pam to investigate options and report.

          ii) Charity to fundraise for – speech at steward council.

          iii) Swag item, Environmentally friendly, small enough to fit into suitcase, $X-X, person. made local, usable, small.                            Terri and Cory to work on it.

     c) Promotional items

          i) Toque or beanie, preference for the fuzzy ball style or mixture..

          ii) Carabiner/key-chain, small enough that can be given out to members,

          iii) Shopping bags, 

          50 toques, few hundred carabiners. Kevin to obtain estimates

     d) Engagement  

          i) Winnipeg King’s Head (Donna), notice should come out in the next few days, should be sent out. December 1, 2022                   4:30 to 7:00 pm.

               Pam unable to make it.

               Better Together funding was approved for food.

               Same food as before and same service to individual tables

               RSVP deadline for Eventbrite. Usually aim for 110 people to attend.

               Donna will ask Jason if he can set it up.

               Need to know who attends. Can use membership list.

          ii) Brandon Holiday Event (Mo) 17:00- 20:00

              Asks that people register.

          iii) Steward Appreciation Dave/Terri – recap

              17 stewards attended, was well received by those in attendance

          iv) Bomber Game 2023- 

          v) Goldeyes Game  2023

          vi) Airplane Museum 2023

8. Round Table

Mo- nothing to add, contacted 5 or 6 places for quote, minimum spend at all locations, don’t know how many people are going to show up. Vendors also want a contract, instead booked a table.

Kevin, Subgroup AGM, November 23rd, communications delays with email system.

Donna- none

Pramesh, was in Ottawa recently, to discuss member engagement with IT Group. Subgroup planning some gatherings, looking at Uptown Alley bowling event, in the next month or so. Banner arrived.

Terri, sent out a reminder about the December meeting.

Pam- has been very busy with AFS bargaining team.

Dave- How many stewards in the Branch? Cory has the list. There are about 65 stewards in the branch.

Brent- none

Cory- starting negotiations, will be JCC meeting, in person meeting


  1. Next meeting date/time 

December 10th at Rae and Jerry’s 5 pm.


10. Adjournment

As there was no further business the meeting was adjourned at 18:25