Wednesday  September 7, 2022 5:30 pm




Present Cory Graham, Kevin Jacobs, Terri Gobeil, Pramesh Selliah, Jason Caners, Christine Freeman,  Brent Maine,  Donna Johnston

Regrets: Mo Khakbazan, David Hakes, Pam Kubicz,


Call to Order 17:34


Approval of Agenda

Moved by Kevin

Seconded byTerri



Approval of Minutes:

    1. Last meeting -  July 26, 2022

Moved by Chris

Seconded by Pramesh



President’s Report (Cory)

  • No recent meetings
  • Leadership Training October 6 and 7th Cory and Terri attending
  • Basic Steward Training upcoming
  • Steward Council upcoming in September
  • Prairie Region Executive (PRE) occurring the day before
  • PIPSC AGM in November, PRE will be meeting in Montreal as everyone will be there anyway.
  • Question about registration for AGM. Chris to follow-up.


Treasurer’s Report (Jason)

Report on file:

  • Jason sent message to finance about allotment. Needs to find who correct person is.
  • Constituent bodies encouraged to use their cheques for purchases as opposed to transfers as finance continues to be backed up.


Motion to accept the finance report

Moved by Jason

Seconded by Donna



Old Business

    1. Engagement 
      • Brandon event had 26 people attend. Well received.
      • Branch steward appreciation October 27th.
      • Discussion on having invitation extended to executive who are not stewards to meet with and appreciate stewards.
      • Consensus that all branch executive can attend if they are able
        • Terri and Dave organizing the event
      • Labour day
      • Chris and Pramesh led activity on behalf of Branch.  Was well attended but numbers were smaller than previous years.


Note: A motion to reimburse Pramesh for labour day expenses up to $X was made by email and approved by the executive. This was confirmed at this meeting.


Moved by Donna

Seconded by Kevin



New business

  • Open house
  • Kings Head Pub December 1, 2022
  • Rotate executive at the door.
  • Donna volunteered to organize.
  • Some remaining door prizes from AGM can be given out at steward appreciation or open house.


Round Table

  • Kevin- busy fall with meetings
  • Chris- hired 30+ people at CRA, need to ensure they have been oriented.
  • Jason- nothing
  • Terri- nothing
  • Cory- PRE, leadership training, MAGE training, negotiation training, and Montreal meetings.
  • Brent- nothing to add.


Next meeting date/time

Secretary to send Doodle poll for week of September 26, 2022



Moved by Cory

Seconded by Terri




Meeting adjourned at 18:06