Wednesday June 22, 2022 5:30 pm

59 Road House Restaurant Winnipeg Manitoba




Present:   Cory Graham, Kevin Jacobs, Donna Johnston, Pamela Kubicz,, Pramesh Selliah, Brent Maine, Terri Gobeil, Mo Khakbazan (zoom)

Regrets:     Christine Freeman, David Hakes, Jason Caners,


  1. Call to Order 17:32


  1. Approval of Agenda

Moved by Cory

Seconded by Pam



  1. Approval of Minutes:

     3.1   April 20th

Moved by Kevin

Seconded by Pramesh



     3.2   May 18th AGM minutes for approval by the executive (to be approved by Branch at next AGM).

Moved By Pam

Seconded by Donna



     3.3   May 30th: Delegate selection meeting minutes

Moved by Kevin

Seconded by Terri



  1. President’s Report

Not much to report.

Jennifer Carr presented at PRC

Changes within CEO at PIPSC

Prairie Regional Council next week (virtual)   

     4.1   Leadership Essentials Oct Edmonton

     4.2   Basic Steward (3rd week October) Winnipeg


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Report on file


  1. New Business

     6.1   Elections (Kevin elections chair)

Terri acclaimed as VP

Jason acclaimed as Treasurer


     6.2   National AGM

Discussion on who will be going as part of Group delegations

Recent call for small groups went out.


Discussion: some branches have mostly retired members that attend.

Consultation Presidents were provided a spot at PIPSC AGM


     6.3   Mileage

Motion that executive members that drive to Winnipeg for executive meetings get reimbursed reasonable mileage expenses.

Moved by Cory

Seconded by Terri



  • some members live/ work from home out of town and incur significant expenses to volunteer on executive
  • Need to develop policy
  • Situation has changed due to covid not everyone works downtown anymore
  • Branch used to pay for parking
  • Prices of fuel are going up.
  • Use the PIPSC rate
  • Volunteers should not be out of pocket
  • Discussion on costs
  • How many in person meetings are allowed be year? 6 Plus AGM that PIPSC will pay for.

Amendment: Executive members attending meetings be reimbursed mileage expenses at PIPSC rates.



7. Old Business

     7.1   Promotional items

Ideas, bamboo cutlery, stainless steel (sleaves), shopping bags (need to be large enough), straws. Executive to investigate promotional items.

     7.2   Engagement 

  • Brandon Holiday Event (Mo) Had discussion on what to do. BBQ idea- provide BBQ, hamburgers, cake, etc. Also invite families.
  • Cost expected to be minimal.
  • It would be a Riverbank Discovery Centre in Brandon.
  • Would food handlers be required? Mo will check into it.
  • Donna asked if able to cook food fast enough to feed all the people that are there?
  • Mo will circulate an estimate of the cost for approval of the Executive

     7.3   Steward Appreciation

Nominate Dave to plan event again in the fall

     7.4   Lunch and Learns

Difficult because people are not on site

     7.5   Labour Day

In the past we have done events. Edmonton donates school supplies.

Used to hand out chips at the parade or something. Could do sponsorship. Cory and Pramesh to investigate with Manitoba Federation of Labour up to e.g. $X.

     7.6   Bomber Game

Costs branch nothing


     7.7   Goldeyes Game


     7.8   Airplane Museum

Room is $X for 180 people


  1. Round Table

Mo- nothing to add

Donna- nothing to add

Pam- Indigenous Day, event went well this past weekend. Received a banner and lawn chairs. Banner might be at the PIPSC office. Event ran from 1 pm to 9:30. The PIPSC Board attended in part.  Handed out metal water bottles. Mostly Human Rights and Diversity Committee. Meet and greet was held in Winnipeg.

Pam also appointed to AFS national executive and bargaining team.

Discussion: should inventory what we have as a branch.

Brent suggested could use banner or flags to increase visibility. Brent to investigate.

Kevin- none

Pramesh- had to travel for work, car rental is $150-200 per day. Even if rental is expensive don’t use your personal car because if something goes wrong you are responsible for costs. Travel costs are very high right now. Had Subgroup AGM recently, went very well. Next meeting at the end of the month. Back to workplace and travelling, parking and gas complaints from employees. Indigenous Day Live went well.

Terri had subgroup AGM in March. Only executive registered. Day of the AGM enough of an executive was put together for now. Critical shortage in SH stewards in provinces.

Terri happy to help organize events

Cory suggested we take more pictures to promote the branch.

Donna provided an AGM recap, four meals were left. Food and location received excellent reviews. Guest speakers should have time limits.


  1. Next meeting date/time

Doodle poll. Zoom meeting, late July or August


10. Adjournment

Moved by Pramesh

Seconded by Kevin


Meeting adjourned at 18:50