Annual General Meeting

March 12, 2020


Approved by WSMB Executive February 7, 2020


1.   Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 17:05 by Vice president, Cory Graham.

2.   Introduction of the 2019 Branch Executive

Cory Graham Introduce the current Branch Executive Officers and members at large and thanked them for their contributions



President                 Linda Howes (resigned 2019)

Vice President         Cory Graham

Jay Krishnan            (resigned 2019)

Secretary                  Kevin Jacobs

Treasurer                 Jason Caners


Members at Large

Christine Freeman

Donna Johnston

Pramesh Selliah

Mohammad Khakbazan

Terri Gobeil

David Hakes


3.   Introduction of guests

Cory Graham introduced Nancy McCune, president of the Prairie/ NWT region and thanked her for attending the AGM.

Nancy provided remarks including an update on PIPSC activities including that all PIPSC meetings and travel will be suspended for public health reasons. Nancy provide updates on another of topics including the PIPSC 100th anniversary, Phoenix, outsourcing, bargaining, and sick leave.


4.   Approval of 2020 Agenda

Approval of agenda as amended

Moved Harald Larsen,

Seconded Pam Kubicz



5.   Election of Branch Members-at-Large

Mohammad Khakbazan, Elections Chair, with election committee members, Kevin Jacobs, Parmesh Selliah and Donna Johnston handed out ballots to members. Mohammad explained the ballots and how they should be marked. There were 9 candidates for 6 positions, 5 for 2 years and one position for 1 year.

Candidates were:

Brent Maine

Chris Freeman

Cory Graham

David Hakes

Glenn Schur

Jianjun Peng

Pamela Kubicz

Shafiul Alam

Terri Gobeil

Each candidate was given 3 minutes to speak to the members in attendance about themselves and their activities.

Ballots were counted by the 2020 Elections Committee members.


Election results:

Chris Freeman (2 year)

Cory Graham (2 year)

David Hakes (2 year)

Pamela Kubicz (2 year)

Terri Gobeil (2 year)

Brent Maine (1 year)


There were 54 ballots distributed, and 54 ballots cast, 0 were spoiled.

Motion: to destroy the ballots

Moved Neil Harden

Seconded Harald Larsen



6.   Adoption of 2019 minutes

Moved Neil Harden

Second Karen Van Helvert



7.   Presidents Report

Cory thanked the executive and past members Linda and Jay for their contributions. Cory provided an update on branch activities the past year. Strike the Musical ticket draw, 100th Winnipeg General Strike Anniversary Parade, steward appreciation, member open houses, Children’s Christmas party Brandon, 100th Anniversary open house


8.   Treasurers Report

       8.1   Branch financial statements Jason Caners presented the Treasurers Report.

Jason Caners moved the acceptance of the 2019 Financial Report

Second Karen Van Helvert


        8.2   Approval of the 2020 branch budget

Moved Jason Caners

Second Pam Kubicz



9.   New Business



10.   Draws

Door prizes were drawn and members in attendance were awarded the prizes


11.   Adjournment

Mo Khakbazan moved that the meeting be adjourned at 18:15

Seconded Manuel Apostol

Meeting adjourned.