Monday November 15, 2021 5:30 pm

Zoom Webinar - Meeting Minutes


Present: Pramesh Selliah,  Terri Gobeil, Cory Graham, David Hakes, Kevin Jacobs, Mo Khakbazan, Jason Caners, Brent Maine, Donna Johnston, Christine Freeman, Pamela Kubicz

Regrets: None


Call to Order 17:33

  1. Approval of Agenda

Moved by Pramesh

Seconded by Pam



  1. Approval of Previous Minutes:

Meeting- October 21, 2021

Moved by Kevin

Seconded by Donna



  1. President’s Report (Cory)

Winnipeg Office Staffing ERO Meira Gisseron on parental leave

New ERO on a term hired named Joël Tétreault.

PRE executive is being scheduled for December

Samah Henein elected as Regional Director.


  1. Treasurers Report.

Jason- no major changes in branch finances since last meeting

Expenditure for steward appreciation event


  1. New Business
  • Branch AGM- Donna scheduled for March 10th.
  • Pramesh booked December Dinner meeting December 10th- between 17:30 at Joey’s Polo Park.
    • Mo will plan to attend.
  • PIPSC AGM recap.
    • Discussion on the PIPSC AGM
    • Some issues with screen freezing.
    • Issues with interpretation on wrong channel
  • Promotional items
    • Jason- reached out to Bigsand- local business, hoodie approx. $X, $X set up fee for logo. Sizing samples available. Minimum 12 per order.
    • Jason to bring colours and size samples to December meeting. Some to be used as give away/ promotional items.
  • Member engagement. Kings Head Pub. Donna.
    • Do not have a good idea of how many people there might be. Suggest 10 tables and trays for food. Vender stated worked out well for another event. Typically food for 110. Cory suggested 100.
    • 2019- 600 meatballs, 600 wings, 500 spring rolls, 2 vegetable platters, cheese bites
    • All gone up $0.X per item.
    • Maximum 200 in facility, on EventBrite link- Jason to limit tickets to 125. Email to come out tomorrow.
    • Registration to close November 30th.
    • Kings Head will do the scanning of vaccine certificates.
    • One drink ticket per member
    • Terri, Donna, and Pam, will be there early to help.


Motion to approve the expenditure of hosting the WSMB open house including one drink and appetizers for up to 125 members for an maximum cost of $X


Moved by Kevin

Seconded by Pam



  • Brandon holiday event Mo. Most people not back to the office. Plan to defer engagement event to a later date (early next year) when more people would be available.


  1. Round table:

Mo: thanked executive for work on member engagement events

Pam: nothing

Donna: nothing

Jason: nothing

Terri: thanked executive for all their work organizing events

Pramesh: nothing

David: nothing

Christine: CRA release covid vaccine policy. Attestations have been sent to employees to sign.

Kevin: SP AGM in November

Brent: nothing

Cory: had group MAGE AGM October 30th. Limited attendance, virtual meeting. Difficulty to fill all positions. All staff been told to be in the office 2 days per week, require photos of home office space. No equipment provided for work from home.


  1. Motion to Adjourn.


Moved by Cory

Seconded by Pramesh



Meeting adjourned 18:34.