Tuesday September 07, 2021 5:30 pm

ZOOM Meeting

Winnipeg, MB,  Minutes


Present: Pramesh Selliah,  Terri Gobeil, Cory Graham, David Hakes, Kevin Jacobs, Mo Khakbazan, Jason Caners, Pamela Kubicz, Brent Maine, Donna Johnston, Christine Freeman

Regrets: none


  1. Call to Order 17:32
  1. Approval of Agenda

David/ Second Kevin



  1. Approval of Minutes as amended:

Last meeting May 18, 2021

Terri / Second Donna



  1. President’s Report- Cory

Steward council is scheduled for October in Calgary, however it may be cancelled or changed to a virtual event due to high Covid-19 case counts in Alberta


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Jason

Report on file

Few expenses to date this fiscal year,

Balance $X


Old Business:

  • Member engagement, Kevin to purchase gift cards for remaining contest award winners. Send receipt to Jason to close out this activity.
  • Discussion of purchase of visibility items including what logo to use. Discussion on if the logo needs to include the legal branch name in the logo and if it is required.
  • The executive adopted the logo based on the package provided by PIPSC which includes a bison over the PIPSC logo and the name of the branch below.


  1. New Business
  • Member engagement activities discussion. It is all uncertain at this point what is permitted. Kevin suggested the idea of a newsletter at the end of the year at a minimum if in person activities are suspended. Kevin and David volunteered to draft year-end newsletter.
  • Terri discussed the idea of having an event for stewards which would allow for smaller numbers. Terri added it is important for retention and recognition of stewards.
  • Cory added that any in person events occurring in Manitoba would have to be only for fully vaccinated members as per public health orders.
  • Mo asked the question if we could have a virtual steward recognition event if  in person event is not allowed. The concern was that maybe not that many members would attend.
  • David to check if there is a patio available for a steward recognition event such as the large patio at the Pony Coral which has heaters.
  • Kings Head Holiday Event- tentatively booked for December 2nd, 2021. The committee discussed what food would be permitted such as served food, versus buffet.
  • Employment Equity Act Survey- was sent to members and deadline has passed.
  • Vice President Domey offered to provide a presentation to the branch about a resolution to the PIPSC AGM. The executive discussed and will reach out to VP Domey if there are questions about the resolution.
  • 2021 PIPSC AGM is scheduled to be November 5th and 6th as a virtual event.
  • Promotional items for stewards. Ideas included stainless drinking straws, shopping bags, cooler bags, picnic blanket, mittens, toque.
  • Jason to look into the purchase of executive visibility item. (motion passed previously for zippered hoodies with new WSMB logo)
  1. Round Table
  • Mo- nothing to add. Mo to explore possibility of having event in Brandon as per previous years
  • Kevin- nothing
  • Brent- nothing
  • Pam- nothing
  • David- will check with Pony Coral about patio
  • Donna- nothing
  • Chris- nothing
  • Pramesh- nothing
  • Terri- Having in person sub group executive meeting tomorrow
  • Jason- does not have anything to add, MAGE AGM at the same time as Steward Council. MAGE will look at moving to another date to allow stewards to attend both meetings.


Next meeting:

  • Will it be in person at a restaurant or virtual?
  • The executive is in favour of having an in person executive meeting pending public health restrictions.
  • Tentative date Thursday October 21st. Terri to inquire about availability of a meeting room.


Motion to adjourn


Cory/ Second Chris



Meeting adjourned at 18:32