Meeting – May 7, 2019 at 5:00 pm

960-363 Broadway Ave., Winnipeg, MB


Present: Pramesh Selliah, Donna Johnston, Cory Graham, Kevin Jacobs, David Hakes, Linda Howes, Jason Caners Terri Gobeil, Jay Krishnan, Chris Freeman

Regrets: Mo Khakbazan


  1. Call to Order
  • Linda called the meeting to order at 16:59.
  1. Approval of Agenda
  • Moved by Linda, seconded by Kevin, motion carried
  1. Minutes of last meetings, April 9, 2019  
  • Moved by Cory, seconded by Terri. motion carried
  1. President’s Report
  • PRC – mandatory for all delegates to attend the March on May 25, there will be a concert, PIPSC delegates returning to meetings after the march.

MOTION: Reimburse Cory $XXX for payment to the hotel for the MAGE AGM, as the President’s Hospitality Grant. Linda Moved, Chris Second. Carried.


MOTION: Preapprove President Hospitality Grant at AV Winnipeg SubGroup AGM for a maximum $XXX.  Linda Moved, David Second. Carried.

  • Discussion regarding Union Family Leave Balance Policy
  • Full President’s report available upon request
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Circulated financial report.
  • Motion to accept financial report.  Moved  Jason, Seconded Kevin.  Carried.
  1. New Business
  • 2019 Institute Awards – Aug 16, 2019 cut off date for submissions.
  • Phoenix Damages – announced / news release from TB, there is a tentative agreement in place.
  • Bargaining – Rob Scott provided an update on central bargaining table status at Labour School
  1. Other Business:
    • Round Table
  • Jason – to determine date for Bomber game (possibility of July 19 or Aug 8)
  • Donna – date Dec 5 for Winnipeg Open House – King’s Head – working with Terri
  • Terri – SH subgroup AGM president had been scheduled for a speech, but had to cancel due to other commitments.  8 new nurses have started.
  • David – Steward appreciation event – possibly a brew pub (ie Torque)
  • Kevin – local event L&L / coffee break in workplace – Maybe something during public service week as well.
  • Cory  - MAGE AGM held April 30, and have new secretary, new member at large and new president on the executive 

MOTION: Reimburse Cory $XXX for hospitality for membership event. Cory Moved, Linda Second. Carried.

  • Linda – May 15, L&L with Nancy McCune – topic Do Better Campaign.    Nancy/Linda/Others to hand out pamphlets at Lombard & Main sites.   Planning Members picnic / bbq possibly September (with Jay).
  • Chris / Pramesh – Labour Day Event – estimate $XXX, need chips, food handouts, need other things for tent – logo / visibility emblems. 
  • Pramesh –tomorrow NH organized committee for STRIKE, his daughter`s school has invited guests to speak at school regarding Strike and background of the 1919 strike
  • National Public Service Week upcoming.

Standing motion to reimburse Cory for dinner cost - $XXX

  1. Adjournment

Motion: Moved by Cory. 

Meeting adjourned at ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 19:06