North Eastern Alberta Branch

Annual General Meeting

May 31, 2017


Robert Cowden, NR, DND, President

Darren Robson, NR, DND

Denis Laurin, CS, DND, Vice-President

Gilbert McDougall, NR, DND

Marie Cardinal, SH, FNIHB, Secretary/Treasurer

Catherine Orr, SH, DND

Elaine Minoose, SH, FNIHB

Kunal Jadav, NR, DND

Michael Kruger, CS, DND

Andrea Catania, SW, DND

Katherine Benham-Kopala, PH, DND, Member-at-Large

Opening and Introductions

The Annual General Meeting of the PIPSC North Eastern Alberta Branch was called to order at 1905. Robert Cowden, President, welcomed the members and invited guests. Self introductions were made by the Branch Executive, members and guests.

Minutes of the 2016 AGM

Members were given the opportunity to review the minutes of the 2016 AGM. Kathy Benham-Kopala asked if there was any further information on questions 2 and 3 that were listed in the minutes under ‘Discussion and questions’ as per the following:

Question 2: Concern brought up by an NP, wanting to know who she can communicate with. Response: Debi (Debi Daviau) stated that she would see if she could hook up with members in her group. Robert Cowden stated that this issue was resolved last July, as he dealt with PIPSC President Debi Daviau and other PIPSC Executives to provide the required information.

Question 3: Concern brought up by a Pharmacist, regarding the length of time it takes to get reimbursed for license fees. Response: Debi stated that she would look into this issue as to why it sometimes takes 6-12 months for reimbursements. Kathy Benham-Kopala stated that it took 11 months this last year to get her license fees reimbursed to her, which was just 1 month before the next year’s fees became payable. Marie Cardinal stated that she spoke to an ERO regarding this question and was told that because it is not stated in the Collective Agreements that license fees must be reimbursed within a certain time frame, the employer is not obligated to reimburse the fees by a certain date. Elaine Minoose stated that her nursing registration fees took 4 months to be reimbursed this last year, which was twice as long as it normally takes to get nursing registration fees reimbursed. Marie Cardinal stated that when she asked the employer why the reimbursement of the nursing registration fees were taking longer this year than in previous years, she was told that with all the problems with the Phoenix pay system in the last year, reimbursement of registration fees was not a priority. Regarding the discussion of the above questions, Robert Cowden stated that he would talk to Anna Brockhoff, M-A-L, who is also a steward, and that she can bring these issues/concerns forward to the LMCC, as well as PIPSC President Debi Daviau and PIPSC staff in Edmonton.

Michael Kruger moved to accept the minutes of the 2016 AGM. Gilbert McDougall seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Financial Report

Members were given the opportunity to review the 2016 Financial Report. There was no discussion or clarification required. Darren Robson moved to accept the Financial Report. Kunal Jadav seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Robert Cowden notified the group that he was stepping down as President of the NE AB Branch and thanked the members for the 14 years that he has been a part of the Executive.

Nominations were held for President (2-yr term), Secretary/Treasurer (2-yr term), and 1 Member-at-Large (2-yr term).


Robert Cowden nominated Anna Brockhoff for the position of President; nomination seconded by Marie Cardinal. Nomination was accepted in absentia. No other nominations were received. Anna Brockhoff was elected President, for a two-year term, by acclamation.


Robert Cowden nominated Marie Cardinal for the position of Secretary/Treasurer; nomination seconded by Catherine Orr. Nomination was accepted. No other nominations were received. Marie Cardinal was elected Secretary/Treasurer for a two-year term, by acclamation.


Denis Laurin nominated Gilbert McDougall for Member-at-Large; nomination was seconded by Marie Cardinal. Nomination was accepted. No other nominations were received. Gilbert McDougall was elected as Member-at-Large, for a two-year term, by acclamation.

Gilbert McDougall motioned Elections closed; Kunal Jadav seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Discussion and questions

  1. The question was asked if Anna Brockhoff can be the President of the NE AB Branch as well as a steward. Robert Cowden explained to the group that a member can be a steward and also hold an executive position as he has done in the past. He explained the duties of a steward and told the group that there are only 3 stewards on the base: Debra Ozero, Anna Brockhoff, and Stephen Bertrand. He also encouraged the members to consider becoming a steward as there is definitely a need for more stewards. In order to become a steward the member needs to fill out an application form, which is available on the PIPSC website, have the endorsement of 3 regular members, and complete the Basic Steward Training Course.  He also stated that as a steward, if you’re working on behalf of a member, you are equal in rank to the officer or civil servant handling the grievance/concern. A steward is to be allowed to take time at work to help their members with their concerns/issues.
  2. When is the SH group ratifying their collective agreement?

Marie Cardinal stated the SH group has ratified their collective agreement, but it has not yet been signed with Treasury Board. Once Treasury Board signs off on the agreement, they have 120 days to implement retroactive pay.

  1. Does our Union still own the PIPSC building in Ottawa?

Robert Cowden stated that yes; PIPSC still owns the building in Ottawa. Unfortunately, there is currently space not being rented out, but the PIPSC Executive is hopeful that this will change in the not-too-distant future.

There were no further concerns brought forward by the members. It was moved by Catherine Orr and seconded by Darren Robson to adjourn the meeting. All were in favor. The meeting was adjourned at 2045.

//Original signed by//

Marie Cardinal


June 19, 2017

//Approved by//

Robert Cowden


June 19, 2017