75th Ontario Regional Council Toronto Centre Branch Activity Report

75th Ontario Regional Council
Toronto Centre Branch Activity Report

Number of members: 569 Regular 27 Retired 2 Rands

Current Executive Members

KC Tiow Branch President
Stephen Trinh Branch Vice President
Rajan Tharmarajah Treasurer
Dave Darling Branch Secretary
Ann Killoran Member-at-Large
Carmine Masciangelo Member-at-Large
Dwayne Jhagru Member-at-Large
Arun Sharma Member-at-Large
Julia Bullough Member-at-Large

Previous AGM date: November 9, 2018

Next AGM date: ;November 2019

Branch Executive Meetings

Last Meeting Date: January 17, 2019

Next Meeting Date: April 2019

2018 Branch Activities

GTA Service Modernization

As per last year’s 2018 ORC report, the rumour of moving to 25 St .Clair Avenue (Yonge and St Clair), was proven to be correct. It is no longer a rumour, it is a fact. Members taking the GO train may have as much as 1.5 hours to travel to this new location. Management has assured our members that they do not have to move to the new building before 2021. Many of our members have young children attending daycares, elderly parents to care for, etc. 

Recourse still remains a challenge. With EXPO and at least 8 consecutive external selection processes, our members are questioning when the internal processes will be available. External selection process has no legal recourse.

E- Petition to have internal processes are on the PIPSC website at www.pipsc.ca as of February 20, 2019; however, there was no link for AFS members to sign electronically. We hope this will be resolved shortly. Please read the E-Petition and support the Union.

OSH Committee Meetings

Mental Health Standards Voluntary - to push for answers with what our Federal Department Employers are doing and why the Federal Employers are not implementing the 13 Psychological standards when some Private Companies have taken the lead to implement these standards. Bill C-65 will be a challenge too.

Rands - currently less than 1% of total membership.  We have received many new PIPSC members and the Regional CRA office moved to the Toronto Centre office in 2018. We are also assisting members to transfer out according to their wishes before the move to St. Clair. Those with personal hardship should bring it to Management’s attention.

Resolutions to the Regional Council


Submitted by: KC Tiow
Branch President