75th Ontario Regional Council Toronto North Branch Activity Report

Number of members: 506 Regular 28 Retired 1 Rand

Current Executive Members

Joel Reismam Branch President
Din Kamaldin Branch Vice President
Randy Zurin Treasurer
Mary Lloyd Branch Secretary
Prashant Kumar Member-at-Large
Edward Martin Member-at-Large
Karen Bardales Member-at-Large
Howard Tobis Member-at-Large
Anita Aue Member-at-Large
Stanley Abergel Member-at-Large

Previous AGM date: December 13, 2018

Next AGM date: November/December 2019 (TBC)

Branch Executive Meetings

Last Meeting Date: March 2019

Next Meeting Date: April 2019 (TBC)

Number of meetings held since last Regional Council: 6

2018 Branch Activities

Last year’s AGM was successful and sold out. Doug Mason presented information regarding bargaining and the Employee Wellness Support Program and status.
Members participated in the Toronto Labour Day parade.
Town Halls were conducted in support of various issues including GTA Modernization.
We had a very well attended and successful Town Hall in support of Black History Month, held jointly with our UTE Sisters and Brothers.A panel discussion was presented with three CRA Black staff members, facilitated by Din Kamaldin, sharing their career experiences and challenges.
Better Together plant gate events were conducted.
Executive participated in International Women’s Day Activities, local Wellness Event and other locally sponsored events and activities.

Issues and Concerns:

GTA Modernization. Ensuring that issues which arise after the April 01, 2019, implementation of Centers Expertise are properly addressed. Coming up with solutions to representation challenges with members who are virtually reporting from other GTA offices.
Preserving our local membership numbers.
Supporting our bargaining team in our contract negotiations. Ensuring our bargaining issues are addressed.
Maintaining our defined benefit Pensions.
Staffing issues, including preservation of current pools, EXPO #2 and undue stress causing wellness issues and a toxic work environment for our members.
Health & Safety concerns including elevator issues, building security and field worker safety.
Duty to accommodate, return to work protocols, performance management, harassment etc.

Resolutions to the Regional Council

None at this time.

Submitted by: Joel Reisman
Branch President