75th Ontario Regional Council Sault Ste. Marie Branch Activity Report

Number of members: 104 Regular 12 Retired 15 Rands

Current Executive Members

Mamdouh Abou Zaid (NRCAN) Branch President

Michael Hayes Branch Vice-President

Michael Hoepting Treasurer

Stan Phippen Secretary

Dan McKenney Event Organizer

Al Rowlinson Member at large

Previous AGM date: February 5, 2015

Next AGM date: TBD

Branch Executive Meetings

Last Meeting Date: February 25, 2015

Next Meeting Date: April 2019

Number of meetings (teleconferences) held since last Regional Council: 1

2018 Activities

Steward Recruitment: 5 New Stewards. 1 will be attending Basic Training in Fall 2019.

Classification Grievances: None

Disciplinary Grievances: None.

Consultations activities: Consultations continue regularly at the Unit, Local and Regional levels. Five members were recruited as Stewards.

Accommodations: None.

Issues and Concerns:

Steward Recruitment. We are successful in recruiting 5 new members and forming the Executive Committee for the Branch.

Submitted by: Mamdouh Abou Zaid

Branch President