Sioux Lookout Branch Activity Report

Number of members:  

125 Regular

7 Retired  

10 Rands

Current Executive Members

Ginette Tardif Branch President

Denise Grunchy Branch Vice-President & Treasurer

Dr. Afshan Noor Secretary

Kimberly Fragomeni Member at large

Paul Hesh Member at large

Previous AGM date: April 2018

Next AGM date: March 2019

Branch Executive Meetings

Last Meeting Date: December 2018

Next Meeting Date: March 2019

Number of meetings (teleconferences) held since last Regional Council: 4

2018 Activities

  • New National Joint Union/Management Consultation Committee formed to address security issues. Meetings at least every 2 months.
  • New National Joint Union/Management Consultation Committee formed because the employer wants to pilot Nursing Stations sites where hours of work could be extended (pilot site tested in October 2018, I had to intervene to put the pilot on hold, too many issues that were affecting nurses). Meeting every 6 weeks
  • Ontario Joint Committee on devolution (transfer) of services to First Nations formed and meeting monthly via teleconference.
  • AGM via teleconference planned for March 28, 2019
  • Teleconference issues regarding Northern Nurses, Bargaining updates ongoing 2018-19,
  • Joint Union /Management (with ADM present) Workplace Wellness Intervention meetings with all members invited April and October 2018

Issues and Concerns:

  • Phoenix, still an issue for several members, some improvement with the addition of staff to the  pay advisor team
  • Still have 25 to 30% vacancy rate for Northern Nurses
  • Security Issues
  • Transfer (devolution) of Nursing services to First Nations
  • A lot of bullying reported. Interventions done and wellness plan being drafted.

Submitted by: Ginette Tardif

Sioux Lookout Branch President