75th Ontario Regional Council - Report of the Professional Recognition & Qualifications Committee (PRQC)

Presented to the 2019 Ontario Regional Council


In 1999, concerns by licensed and unlicensed professional members of the Institute led to the creation of an ad hoc Working Group which over its 2-year term studied the extent of problems relating to professional recognition, erosion of qualification standards (by the employer) and for Federal Employers and Agencies, the de-linking from national and provincial associations. The Working Group was succeeded by the PRQC, a Standing Committee created by the Board of Directors (BOD) at the direction of the 2002 AGM delegates, to continue addressing ongoing challenges, and to lay a foundation for advancing the interests of all PIPSC professionals - the nurses, accountants, scientists, engineers, doctors, computer systems specialists, and many others. The Committee is chaired by a PIPSC member, and normally holds four meetings annually. The seven members of the Committee, including the Chair, each recommended by their respective region, are approved by the BOD, and represent a diversity of occupational fields and different geographical regions.


The mandate of the PRQC is to support PIPSC aims and objectives as articulated in Bylaw 2.2, “The Institute shall seek to reinforce the professional effectiveness of its members and to improve the application of professional standards and the availability of appropriate opportunities for professional development”.


The objectives of the PRQC are to: define issues, priorities and actions relative to professionalism; develop strategies to protect and enhance recognition of the professional status and qualifications of PIPSC members; promote a workplace where professionalism is valued; raise awareness and engagement of members, employers, associations, and the public in preserving professional recognition and qualifications in the public service.

Committee Members

The 2019 PRQC Committee is comprised of the following committee members:

  • Thomas Landry, Chair
  • Marielle Nadon, Staff Resource
  • Michael Urminsky, Staff Resource
  • Gary Corbett, PIPSC Part Time Vice President
  • Gerry Saunders, Atlantic Region  
  • Johanne Potvin, Quebec Region
  • John Eng, National Capital Region
  • Rohit Chhabra, Prairies Region
  • Linda Joly, Ontario Region
  • Nashwa Tamraz, BC/Yukon Region

2019 Strategic Goals

Collaborating with Groups

The Committee continues to work on the Bargaining front and has suggested that “Professional Integrity” be considered a common theme for the next round of Bargaining. The aim is to improve language in all of the Collective Agreements so that it promotes and supports professionalism for all of our members.

A member of the PRQC Committee regularly attends the planning meetings for the upcoming 100th Anniversary and works on establishing collaboration with our Professional Members and the Anniversary Planning Committee.

Reaching out to Professional Associations

The PRQC has reached out to some Professional Associations to promote professionalism; collaborate to more effectively address mutual issues, and better protect the public interest; identify projects benefiting both associations and PIPSC; and, present a united Provincial and Federal front.  We are considering engaging the Professional Associations to have a representative present at the annual AGM or Regional/Steward Councils to engage in collaborative meeting and or training.  These efforts are in the infancy planning stages and any suggestions or recommendations in this task are encouraged and would be welcomed.  In 2018, two members of our Committee participated in the CPA Canada Public Sector Conference in 2018 representing our Members.  The mandate behind this initiative was to build relationships with representatives of CPA Canada and other professionals working in the public sector.

We continue to discuss the pros and cons of supporting the creation of new associations, (i.e. CS).  We aim towards communicating with Groups and Stewards on the needs and challenges that they are facing as Professionals in the Public Servants of Canada.

National Public Service Week

The Committee has met with PIPSC Communications to discuss themes for the upcoming National Public Service Week.  It was suggested that perhaps the theme could capture some key messaging on Phoenix and the fact that the Canadian Professional Public Servants have Ranked Number 1 in the World.    

The Committee continues to meet throughout the 2019 year to identify opportunities to promote you, our Professional Public Servant.

Respectfully Submitted,

Linda Joly

Ontario Regional Representative

PIPSC, PRQC Committee