Lakehead Branch Activity Report

75th Ontario Regional Council

Lakehead Branch Activity Report

Number of members: 98 Regular 3 Retired    5 Rands

Current Executive Members

Larry Stroud Branch President

Sal Cristofaro Branch Vice-President

Shannon Lammers Secretary/Treasurer

Michelle Gagnon Member at Large

Jolene Jarva Member at Large

Viola Ruzansky-Nichols Member at Large

Previous AGM date: November 15, 2018

Next AGM date: Fall 2019

Branch Executive Meetings

Last Meeting Date:  Fall 2018

Next Meeting Date: Spring 2019

Number of meetings held since last Regional Council: 2

2018 Branch Activities

Vice-President, Sal Cristofaro attended the Ontario Region Council, April 2018.

President, Larry Stroud attended the AFS AGM and the AFS Presidents Meeting, June 2018 and the PIPSC AGM, November 2018.

Several Stewards attended the Ontario Labour School in May 2018 and the Ontario Steward Council, September 2018.


The goal for the Branch at the beginning of the year was to increase visibility of PIPSC and to increase involvement of other groups within the Branch itself.  To this end, we have made some inroads and continue to work on increasing visibility and involvement.  The Thunder Bay AFS Sub-Group held a well-attended joint luncheon during Public Service week with the local UTE Executive and look to continue their efforts in the upcoming year.  The AFS Group is well represented at the Branch and we continue to seek involvement from other Groups.

Submitted by: Larry Stroud

Branch President