75th Ontario Regional Council - Kingston Branch Activity Report

Number of members: 257 Regular 14 Retired 16 Rands

Current Executive Members

Gary Desbiens Branch President

Pauline Cook Branch Vice President

Michael Tabbert Treasurer

Cindy Gagnon Secretary

Jennifer van de Ven Member at Large

Dan Guthrie Member at Large

Anya Myers Member at Large

Janet Roloson Member at Large

Ken Pearce Member at Large

Cindy Sangster Member at large

Previous AGM date: May 16, 2018

Next AGM date: April 17, 2019

Branch Executive Meetings

Last Meeting Date: February 11, 2019

Next Meeting Date: April 8, 2019

Number of meetings held since last Regional Council: 6

2018 Branch Activities

2018 AGM – May 16th - Held at the Travelodge in Kingston, Ontario. Guest Speakers were Stephane Aubrey and Glenn Maxwell.

Stephane Aubrey discussed Pheonix issues and Nix Pheonix campaign and the importance to mobilize in your region, see Member of Parliament, action pipsc.ca and filing a grievance.

Sick leave and ongoing discussion negotiations about its eventual implementation.

Glenn Maxwell discussed role of the PIPSC Advisory Council. Who is responsible for Stewards and questions about training monies for Stewards.

Prizes and PIPSC material distributed at the event.

Public Awareness Week - June 11th - BBQ Regional Headquarters Corrections Canada, hamburgers, Hot dogs and Tim Horton’s coffee was available to all PIPSC Public Service Employees and information sharing.

PIPSC Kingston Membership Event - Wednesday October 3, 2018 - held at the Renaissance, Kingston Ontario. Guest speaker: Sean O’Reilly was present, open forum on various issues that mattered to members most, Phoenix, New sick leave implementation, upcoming negotiations on expiring Collective Agreements, Wellness in the Workplace.

Prizes and PIPSC material distributed at the event.

Issues and Concerns:

Main issues in Kingston Region - Phoenix affects most Correction Canada Employees’ front life staff. Rallies held at the MP office every 2 weeks. Members encouraged to attend.

Submitted by: Gary Desbiens
Branch President