75th Ontario Regional Council - PIPSC Human Rights & Diversity Committee Report

Committee Executive:

Chair: Mario Guertin, Quebec Region

Members: Samah Henein, Prairie/N.W.T. Region

Din I. Kamaldin, Ontario Region

Tracey Thornton, BC/Yukon Region

Mahammadu Abudulai, Atlantic Region

Charlotte Young, National Capital Region

Sonia Richard, Quebec Region


The Committee on Human Rights in the Workplace shall advise and make recommendations to the Board on how to address concerns or issues identified in the Workplace which contravene relating to the human rights of members. To achieve its mandate, it will:

a) monitor issues in the field of human rights, including employment equity and the contribution of members and the Institute to this field;

b) coordinate and distribute information on human rights, and

c) provide an ongoing forum where human rights issues can be discussed and studied.

As we move in into our 100th year history we celebrate the number of women elected and representation on PIPSC Board of Directors - Jennifer Carr, NCR Regional Director, Debi Daviau, President, Norma Domey, Vice-President Full-Time, Jennie Esnard, NCR Regional Director, Nancy McCune, Prairies/Northwest Territories Director, and Kimberley Skanes, Director Atlantic Region.

Vice-President Full-Time Domey is the first Black woman elected to the PIPSC Executive and Director Esnard is the first black woman elected to the PIPSC Board of Directors in its almost 100 year history. We celebrate their valuable contributions as an individual as well as the important, and long overdue, advancement that this marks for our union.

Please visit por PIPSC Human Rights Committee web page for more information, new initiatives and upcoming important events at https://www.pipsc.ca/about/governance/committees/hrdc.

Din I. Kamaldin