75th Ontario Regional Council - Essex Kent Branch Activity Report

Number of members: 352 Regular 15 Retired 3 Rands

Current Executive Members

Branch President John Purdie

Branch Vice President Sam Georges

Secretary Meghan Urwin

Treasurer Kevin Heffernan

Member at large Jennifer Stones

Member at large Greg Giofu

Member at large Shawn Gillis

Member at large Nicole Bettencourt

Member at large Brian Barrett

Member at large Diane Bondy

Member at large Carrie Doan

Previous AGM date: November 8, 2018

Next AGM date: November 6, 2019

Branch Executive Meetings

Last Meeting Date: February 20, 2019

Next Meeting Date: April 2, 2019

Number of meetings held since last Regional Council: 6

2018 Branch Activities

September Tiger Baseball game

November Windsor Regional Hospital AGM

November Windsor CRA AGM

December Chatham Nurses Christmas event

December Harrow Research Station Christmas event

December Windsor CRA Christmas event

Issues or Concerns

  • Steward recruitment has been excellent in Chatham and Windsor.
  • WRH and CRA both in contract negotiations
  • Harrow members affected by Phoenix issues
  • Planning stages for summer visibility event
  • Election year, AGM to be located in Chatham

Submitted by: John Purdie
Branch President, Essex-Kent