AGM Minutes - PIPSC Lakehead Branch/Thunder Bay AFS Sub-Group - Meeting – November 9, 2022

Slovak Legion


AFS Sub-Group Executive

Sal Cristofaro          President

Larry Stroud            Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer

Lakehead Branch Executive

Larry Stroud            President

Sal Cristofaro          Vice President                                                                 

AFS Sub-Group Members Present: (in addition to above)     

Leisa Hughes-Junkala      

Tammy Taylor

Kevan Holroyd

Branch Members Present: (in addition to above)

Thomas Abthorpe                                                            

Guests:   Shawn Gillis, Ontario AFS Representative, Doug Mason, AFS Group President                    

Larry thanked everyone for coming. Larry also mentioned that local AGM attendee numbers have been decreasing across all local AGM’s. Hoping that numbers will increase in future.

Agenda Approval: Motioned by Kevan Holroyd, seconded by Thomas Abthorpe

Minutes Approval: Motioned by Leisa Hughes-Junkala, seconded by Tammy Taylor

Financial Update:

Financial Statement update by Larry Stroud (as of Oct 31, 2022)

Financial Statements to be accepted - motioned by Kevan Holroyd and seconded by Tammy Taylor.

Larry introduced Shawn Gillis as the Ontario AFS Representative.

Shawn Gillis:

Brief notes:

Ontario Region Organizational Review (OROR):

  • OROR updates are ongoing in the region.
  • People will be working and / or reporting in different offices.
  • Most staffing competitions will be held at the regional level.
  • AU1 to AU4 regional competitions will be held once a year.
  • Competitions will be posted in Internal Staffing System (ISS) and will not be shared in internal emails.
  • Shawn emphasized that ISS profiles be kept up to date.

Communication Hub:

  • The communication Hub will be established regionally to allow staff to get information on the office they report to and info such as Programs, organizational charts, committee resources etc..
  • The region is weening off sending push notifications and it will be up to the employee to look at the Hub for updates.
  • Union information on the Hub is very limited.


  • Union is trying to ensure that the needs of all are not forgotten when training needs are determined. 
  • Ensure that face to face training still exists in the future.

Relationship Building:

  • The union wants to ensure that relationships are either built or strengthened in a virtual environment but admits that it will be a challenge.

Local Union Management Committees

  • Shawn has been working on addressing with program and building issues arising from OROR through Local Union Management Committees.
  • Challenge to obtain listings of members located in each designated workplace. 

Larry introduced Doug Mason as the AFS Group President


  • AFS Served notice to bargain in August 2022
  • Exchanges were made on October 19 – 20, 2022
  • Meetings are scheduled for November and December 2022
  • Priorities
  1. Salary increases
    • Doug presented historical inflation rates. Trend is that inflation is dropping. This trend may not influence salary increases in bargaining.
    • Doug presented salary demands from other groups.
  2. Where You Work – introduce telework hours.
  3. When You Work – introduce flexible work hours.
  4. Workplace protections.
    • Electronic bulletin boards in order to maintain what we had as communication means to our members.
    • Maintain representation
  5. Career Development
  6. Harassment – include all forms in collective agreement.
  7. Leave issues
    • Include Prov. Holidays (i.e. Family Day)
    • Protection of sick leave and care leave.

Doug also mentioned CRA Demands

  • Delete benefits for employees working from home.
  • Call back (11.01)
  • Standby (11.04)
  • Designated Paid Holidays (12.08)
  • Leave
  • Remove duplication of leaves when transfers occur (i.e. one time leave)

Public Service Health Care Plan

  • Changes will occur in July 1, 2023. First time in 15 years.
  • Improvements
  • No doctors notes for paramedical.
  • Prescription glasses – coverages increase from $250 to $400.
  • Laser eye surgery – increase from $1000 to $2000.
  • Concessions
  • Mandatory generic substitution for prescription drugs.
  • $8 dispensing fee cap.
  • Removal of physio corridor ($500 - $1000) and add new $1500 maximum.

Public Service Dental Plan

  • Consultations to begin in 2023 to work towards improvements.


  • Branch Elections

Larry explained current state and asked if anyone was also willing to join executive.

  • Larry Stroud remains President
  • Sal Cristofaro remains Vice-President
  • Branch Members at Large
  • Kevan Holroyd – Acclaimed
  • Jolene Jarva – Acclaimed
  • Michelle Gagnon – Acclaimed

AFS Subgroup Elections

Larry mentioned that some members were lost due to retirements or transfers to other bargaining unit via promotions / job changes

  • Vice-President: Kevan Holroyd was nominated and accepted nomination – Acclaimed
  • President: Sal Cristofaro was nominated and accepted nomination – Acclaimed
  • Member at Large: Michelle Gagnon was acclaimed

Presentations of Long Service Awards

  • Larry – 20 Years
  • Sal – 10 Years

Motion to close the AGM from Kevan Holroyd.