PIPSC Kingston Branch AGM Minutes - 2019-04-17

Date: April 18, 2019 1:37:58 PM

Location: Renaissance event venue, Queen St, Kingston ON 1730-2100

Arrival of members starting at 1730

Opening remarks at 1755 by Branch President, Gary Desbiens indicating a minor typo on the agenda

(3 MAL, not 2), noted that the elections will be occurring tonight, and that we are fortunate to have

PIPSC President Debi Daviau as our guest speaker.

Outgoing Treasurer, Steve Irish, presented the financial reports. The past financials for 2018 were

reviewed by Steve Irish.  A motion to pass these was made by Rob Hammer and seconded by Ken

Pearce. He explained that the budget for 2020 has been passed by the Branch Executive and was

presented to the membership for questions.  A motion to approve the budget as is was made by

James Young and seconded by Laura Cote.

James Young, Chair of Elections, explained the process and announced the positions available

for nomination.

-Vice president Nominees: Cindy Gagnon – accepted, Rob Hammer – declined, and

Jason Timpson – Declined

-Treasurer nominees: Mike Tabbert – accepted, Sam Bilton – declined, and Ralph Mair


-Secretary/Communications Officer nominees were: Gail Dupow – declined, Billie Timpson –

declined, Elizabeth Bedirian – declined, and Ken Pearce – accepted

-Member at Large nominees were: Jay Timpson – accepted, Chris Johnson – declined, Laura

Cotie – accepted, Joanne McLaughlin – accepted

There was no need for ballots as each position was filled by acclamation. James Young announced

that the elections are considered closed.

President Gary Desbiens announced the election results at 1815. The makeup of the Executive is as


-President – Gary Desbiens

-Vice-President – Cindy Gagnon

-Treasurer – Mike Tabbert

-Secretary / Communications Officer – Ken Pearce

-MAL #1 – Joanne McLaughlin

-MAL #2 – Dan Guthrie

-MAL #3 – Anya Meyers

-MAL #4 – Janet Roloson

-MAL #5 – Cindi Sangster

-MAL #6 – Jay Timpson

-MAL #7 – Laura Cotie

-MAL #8 – Jennifer vandeVen (alternate)

  -     Guest Speaker Debi Daviau, PIPSC president, provided an informative speech and answered

         questions from the membership.

  • Incoming Vicepresident, Cindy Gagnon, addressed the membership, congratulated the new

         executive committee members, spoke about the importance of recruiting stewards.

  • Branch president had Debi draw the name for the draw – Ralph Mair won the briefcase, tea

         travel cup, and puzzle

  • Branch president spoke to the membership, encouraged involvement, gave some updates and thanked those who took the time to attend the AGM.

Meeting adjourned at 2030.

Prepared by outgoing secretary, Cindy Gagnon 2019-04-18