Executive of the Hamilton AFS Subgroup, And The Hamilton Branch - Tuesday June 22/23

Executive In Attendance:   

Branch:   Tony D’Amico, Lucy Bourak, Ward Cluff, Roxane McMillan, Joe Stanziani, Jaspreet Gill 

Subgroup: Ward Cluff, Joe Stanziani, Roxane McMillan, Jaspreet Gill, Christine Bozek, Tony D’Amico, Allan Laaksonen, Rehan Shahid.

Our meeting was at The Purple Pear at 5:30 p.m.

  1. Peter Cloidt unexpectedly said he is moving, and he cannot be the Treasurer from now on.

Jaspreet said she can be the Branch Treasurer and Lucy said she would be the subgroup Treasurer. Roxane said she would be Secretary for both Branch & Subgroup. We voted on this and all in favor.

  1. Pride Day

We’ll celebrate Pride with donuts and coffee at 55 Bay Street on Jul 11 from 930-1030. Tony arranging the food and applied for funding through Better Together. Roxane made posters for the office and Ward emailed the members. Tony also got 48 Pride mugs to hand out to members.

  1. Member Appreciation

Thursday, September 21st will have a pizza food day for members. He is also handing out chocolate and gloves.  Tony will arrange food and will apply for Better Together Funding. Will be inviting regional members: John Purdie, Doug Mason, and Shawn Vlasman (Director). 

Friday Sept 22 – Sun Sept 24 is Steward Council.

Last food day: Burnt Tongue and Burrito Boys 

(We will receive funding to cover the cost of this from Better Together) 

  1. Next Bargaining

This happened June 26-27.

  1. Mobilization for Bargaining

Talked about mobilization for bargaining.  Maybe we can create a Facebook page, have T-shirts.

PIPSC has a strike plan. We will not go through binding arbitration.  We will have selective and targeted people to strike (the people with the most impact like team leaders or CS), and these people will receive pay from PIPSC.

They will check to see if we can get funding for an info session for the bargaining/action. 

  1. UMC Meetings

 Some managers are capping employees’ hours at 8.5. Employees wanting to work 9 hours – their situation will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

Ward has to attend many UMCs, due to OROR. They want to change this to make it more reasonable.

  1. Staffing

They may overstaff because retention has not been great. Need AU2 and AU3s. Are overstaffed at AU1s and AU4s.

  1. Soccer event

Talked about doing a soccer game again so will check into prices. Must leave funds in the bank for the AGM in the fall.

  1. Use of 407 Highway

Staff need TL approval to use Highway 407.

  1. Professional Fees

Staff are complaining about the amount of time it takes to get reimbursed for professional fees. Next year it should only take 30 days.