Hamilton/Burlington Branch
Annual General Meeting Minutes February 28th, 2017

Black Bull Neighbourhood Pub & Convention Centre
1124 Guelph Line, Burlington L7P 2S8

Attendees List as attached
The meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm by branch President Aaron Thompson
1)    Roll Call and welcome – Aaron Thompson
2)    Approval of agenda – Aaron Thompson
3)    Review of minutes from 2016 AGM – Aaron Thompson
4)    Review of matters arising from 2016 AGM – Aaron Thompson
5)    Branch President’s Report – Aaron Thompson
6)    Annual Financial Report – Karon Miles
7)    Executive Elections – Mehran Alaee &
8)    Guest Speaker: Karina Gould Burlington MP Minister of Democratic Institutions
9)    Guest Speaker: Steve Hindle National PIPSC VP
10)     Other Business

1.    Roll Call and Welcome – President A. Thompson:
Aaron Thompson welcomed everyone to the venue and thanked all for attending. Mr. Thompson introduced the current Branch executive, Vas Naina in absentia.
Introduction of our guest speakers: Karina Gould, Steve Hindle
Discussion on the PIPSC structure and the purposes of branches.

2.    Approval of the Agenda:
Under Other Business:  Social Committee Funding & Motion to the ORC
Motion to accept agenda (as amended) _Shane Desola_____,
Seconded by _Adrienne Bartlett_____ .

3.     Approval of the minutes from the February 23, 2016 meeting.
Motion to accept the 2016 minutes _Mehran Alaee_____
Seconded by _Daniel Ferraira______

4.     Matters arising from 2016 AGM:
Posting of minutes from previous year ahead of meeting, successful this year
No other business

5.    Branch President’s Report: Aaron Thompson
December 31 count 421 members in the branch, see attached graph
Challenges – organizing events for members given the geographic challenges from CFIA to CCIW to JHCC locations.
Branch executive currently has 9 CCIW & 2 JCC
Ontario Regional Council & AGM motion discussion & debrief
UMC/LMCC/OHS Issues     – stewards are our workplace representatives
-    Some issues go right up to the National Consultation Teams
-    Not required, but recommended that the committees be made up of members of the executive and stewards
Social at Ye Olde Squire this year – good accommodation & timing for our CFIA members
AGM last year at Michelangelo’s, alternating Hamilton and Burlington
This year the focus will be on more local events

MOTION TO TABLE item 6 & 7 until after the guest speaker: Carrie Gerdes 2nded by Jeanette Fooks. Carried

Guest Speaker Karina Gould Burlington MP Minister of Democratic Institutions
Guest Speaker Steve Hindle VP PIPSC

6.    Treasurer’s Annual Financial report
Karon Miles handed out the Treasurer’s report. As of February 1, 2016 the balance was $XXXX.XX. As of today, the balance of the branch account was $XXXX.XX.
 Q & A?
    Funding for 6 exec meetings sponsored by PIPSC
Annual allowance was given based on 426 members

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by _Jacques Carrier_
Motion Seconded by __Michael Forbes___.

7.     Executive Elections: Mehran Alaee & Craig MacCrimmon ran the elections and explained that there were 5 positions available on the executive for the coming year. All members are voted to the executive all as members-at-large and at the first meeting the executive members vote to determine who the officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer & Secretary) will be.
The following members were nominated in advance of the meeting. :
Michael Forbes
Enzo Barresi
Aaron Thompson
    Carrie Gerdes
Nominations from the floor:
    Satya Chaube
    Jeanette Fooks
MOTION TO CLOSE NOMINATIONS: Paul Klawunn, Seconded by Shane Desola
Final elected to the 5 vacant positions (organized alphabetically)
    Enzo Barresi
    Satya Chaube
    Jeanette Fooks
    Carrie Gerdes
    Aaron Thompson
MOTION TO DESTROY BALLOTS: Jacques Carrier 2nded by Bob Roswell

8.     Guest Speaker Karina Gould  Burlington MP Minister of Democratic Institutions
-    International recognition of the Canada Centre for Inland Waters
-    The upcoming tours
-    Openness of the current cabinet, the respect for and championing of science
-    Return of the census
-    Return of evidence based policy decisions
-    National framework on climate change and carbon pricing
-    Minister of Democratic Institutions
o    The challenges faced in a changing portfolio and the message sent by Canadians with respect to the electoral reform promise
o    No changes moving forward after 380,000 Canadians participated in the myDemocracy.ca survey and a clear split emerged: those who demand a change, and those who don’t want a change.
o    Still a mandate for Bill C33& the removal of the undemocratic portions of the “Fair Elections Act” to ensure that those with the right to vote are able to vote.
o    Give CEO of Elections Canada ability to address and inform Canadians of elections in a timely manner
o    Establish an Independent Commissioner for Debates with respect to elections with a minimum standard for participation in debates on National Elections.
o    Look into Senate reform
o    Review e-safety regarding voting and the potential for outside influence, citizen literacy with respect to media & other sources
-    Swearing in ceremony, the promise to always speak her mind, and act in the best interests of all the citizens in our community

9.    Guest Speaker Steve Hindle (National PIPSC VP)
-    Conversation on how we elect those to represent ourselves
-    Acknowledgement of the strong volunteer strength within PIPSC, as union activism is dependent on the dedication of volunteers
-    Phoenix is having its one year anniversary; dysfunctional, has tax implications, the union has made bridge loans to members
-    AV Bargaining – consolidation of the groups, not all members got the same adjustments
-    The strategy in bargaining was about what could be justified, ie in the labour market, some groups are in demand. Voting down is always an option. Those who are dissatisfied are advised to make constructive complaints, be willing to help out and give suggestions or become more involved themselves.
-    Sick leave program – no changes
-    Scientific Integrity is now enshrined in the Collective Agreement, shows that there are important non-monetary issues included in the bargaining process
-    PIPSC Governance, electoral reform in our own Institution. An overview of PIPSC
o    41 Bargaining units
o    25 Bargaining units that are fully contained within one region including six in New Brunswick & 5 in Ontario
-    Bill C27 Pension Reform
-    Recruitment opportunities
-    $10/month dues increase
o    Impact on the union
o    $1.7 million in dues is owed to PIPSC by the TB, leaving the Institute in a position where investments needed to be cashed

MOTION TO UNTABLE Agenda items 6&7 by Carrie Gerdes, 2nded by Joanne Parrott

10.    Other Business
a)    Funding for social events- Daniel Ferraira
Motion to have branch funds in the amount of $200 be allocated to the CCIW Social Committee. Moved by Daniel Ferraira 2nded by Shane Desola
Motion is referred to the branch executive to provide clear instructions on requests and how requests will be dealt with for site specific events
b)    Dues Fairness – Carrie Gerdes
The impact of the dues increase on casual and PT <50% members at the JCC site. Dues now makes up >3% of earnings for some members. A motion will be made at the ORC and the AGM to discuss the impact and present potential solutions.

11.     Adjournment
Aaron Thompson asked for a motion to adjourn which was moved by Paul Klawunn and seconded by Shane Desola_. The motion CARRIED. The meeting adjourned at 10pm.