Branch events for 2017-2018

The purpose of this note is to introduce guidelines that have been developed to encourage PIPSC member engagement events at both the larger and smaller worksites throughout the Hamilton/Burlington Branch. These guidelines stem from discussion at our most recent AGM.

The Hamilton/Burlington Branch of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada consists of approximately 425 members working at Environment and Climate Change Canada, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Juravinski Cancer Center, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Shared Services Canada, Health Canada, and a number of other employers. The members of the Branch live in Hamilton, Burlington and a number of surrounding areas.

The aim of the Branch is to represent Branch interests, to provide a forum for the discussion of Institute affairs, to administer the Constitution and By-Laws, to make recommendations to Regional Council and to the Institute on topics or matters within the objectives of the Institute, and to nominate delegates to Regional Council and Institute meetings in accordance with the Constitutions and Bylaws of those constituent bodies. The Branch holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year.

The Branch executive meets throughout the year to plan the AGM, select delegates for the Regional Council and PIPSC AGM, and plan events for the benefit to its membership. Examples of events that the Branch has organized over the past few years include evening socials, lunch-time barbeques, coffee-time information sessions, and lunch and learn on topics such as performance management. In planning these events the executive generally strives to plan activities that will be of interest and convenient to all members of the Branch.

Recognizing the spatial distribution of the worksites in our Branch and the various work hours of our members it is not practical for many members to attend all events and complaints have been raised to executive. In an effort to encourage events at smaller worksites throughout the Branch at times that are convenient to members working at these sites, the executive is establishing a process whereby any member of the Hamilton/Burlington Branch may make an application to hold a function at their worksite to discuss Branch and/or PIPSC affairs. Interested members should write the Vice-President of the Branch and provide:

  1. a description of the event,
  2. the approximate number of PIPSC members at the worksite,
  3. whether PIPSC members from other worksites are permitted at the event,
  4. whether a member of the Executive is requested to attend,
  5. the estimated cost.

Requests will be reviewed by the executive and a decision on whether to fund the event will be communicated. If the event is approved, funds related to meals/refreshments, promotional materials, speakers and/or other reasonable expenses will be provided based on receipts. The Branch will set aside funds each year for these types of activities from the budget provided by PIPSC.